Gotham’s Geographical and Social Structures Essay

This region was rich in cypress wood, wine, currants, olive oil, LOL, cloth, herbs, and purple dye. Its RELIGION Monotheistic -Islam brought spiritual unity and cultural cohesiveness to people of a wide variety of languages and customs. It was and still is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Its powerful spread has brought together people of all regions. Trade and business were also huge amongst Muslims which also helped them gain more financial stability.

POLITICAL STRUCTURE -Different governments to divide political power -Democracy – Community involvement in political votes -Strong soldiers were trained from childhood and only the strong survived, making the army for the best fit. The Assembly All citizens are members of the Assembly, who meet regularly to discuss and vote on issues that affect every aspect of Gotcha life. Citizens are paid for their participation in the Assembly, so that even the poorest citizens could take time from their work to participate in government.

The Council of 500 Each city send s 50 citizens to serve on the Council of 500 each year. The Council’s main function is to set the agenda for the Assembly, The People’s Court In the People’s Court, juries f citizens listen to cases, determine whether their fellow citizen are guilty or innocent of CITY STRUCTURE AND DESIGN Romans were great builders and architectures. Our city is inspired by the road designs, bridges, buildings, columns, temples, and baths which were designed by the ancient Romans. Their structures were built with support and strength and artistic design.

ARTISTIC STYLE The ancient Persians, an artistic people, borrowed architectural forms and art motifs from Assyria. Egypt, and Greece and blended them into an exquisite style Of their own. So strong was its influence on later conquerors of Persia that both Arabic art and Turkish art developed directly from the Persian. With the Mongols came Chinese art elements that further enriched Persian decorative themes. Persian miniature painting on ivory and tile is especially admired. EDUCATION Babylon was once famous for its huge library collection. Scribal schools were used to teach literacy , vocabulary, and grammar.

Although they has a strong system for education, they were limited people who were taught scripture those being of more wealthy individuals. In our society everyone is granted the same educational rights despite wealth and social status much like the Vided education system before the creation of castes. With the influence of ancient Chinese teachings, education will also consist of six different arts: rites, music, archery, chartering, calligraphy, and mathematics SOCIAL STRUCTURES Ancient Chinese social order was based on the belief system that local spirits were associated with the natural forces of rivers, mountains, and crops.

Deceased ancestors were highly respected and in act elders amongst Chinese families are treated with the most respect. According to the Chinese, ancestors are mediators between heaven and earth and therefore human affairs are influenced by the blessings of ancestors. With this belief system, people not only try to do good in society for the sake of their own spirit but for the spirit of past generations. Family is the source of human order. From this concept believe that social order will be strong because people are always respectful to their elders and do well for their own well being.