Government and Big Business Essay

Government and Big Business

            Big businesses are mainly the national and multinational corporations that have high influence on the economic market because of the high demand and need for their products and services. These companies have a strong influence over the market, which enabled them to control the development of the economy through the manipulation of their production and revenues to serve their economic benefit. Indeed, the each economy is dominated by the big businesses operating in its market enabling them to overpower the competition through their production significance. Because of this concept, the controversial inquisition rises asking whether the government is also being controlled by the big businesses.

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             Indeed, big businesses have strong influence over the government however, not exactly to point of deciding the actions of the latter. Because of the significance and value of the big businesses, their opinions or decisions have high influence in the economic pursuit of the government. This influence is very strong that it is able to affect or dissuade the propositions and political agendas of the government through the imposition of either their support or opposition in relation to their benefits. On the critical view, the corporations and companies itself do not the influence but their accumulated wealth, which is being prioritized by the government. Consider for example the case of third-world countries, part of the main priorities of the government of these nations is to invite investors towards their country up to the point of giving them special treatment or legal assistance. On other cases, some big corporations are also able to circle around the laws of their country because of the political favor given to them by the government just to maintain the good relationship between them. This is mainly because the government is after the financial support these big businesses can give for their economic pursuit. As part of the capitalism effort of the government, it is important for them to protect the interest of the big businesses in their economy thus, giving them significant control over the market and political assistance.


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