Government questions Essay

5. (C)

          The best example that describes my interpersonal skills is to collaborate with others or work on teams to accomplish work-related activities. Through my work experience so far, I was able to work with a diverse working population where people often came from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It was a pleasure working with such a diverse group as it enabled me to learn more about them and their experiences that further helped me develop my skill to work with a diverse population as a team. Since I am an effective communicator as well, working in teams was something that I had excelled in.

6. (B)

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          The best example that describes my reasoning capability is to resolve problems by gathering and applying information from standard materials or sources that included collecting, compiling and organizing information to comply with the project objectives. As I am currently working for American Honda Inc., my job mostly revolves around my reasoning capability where I resolve problems that may occur due to inaccurate calculation. I perform my duties by accurately checking the data and then re-evaluate them for errors. This helps me to comply with the initiatives of the project assigned to me.

7. (C)

          The best example that describes my experience and capability in the field of self-management is to complete several major assignments at the same time or ahead of schedule with minimal assistance as I believe I possess the ability to handle multiple projects and assignments at a time. I have handled several projects and assignments during my fashion shows where I was responsible for budgeting, planning and even for the operations. The events took place in my supervision and by proper time management along with event organizing skill that I had achieved; I was able to bring out a successful event with minimal assistance and the right budget.

8 (A)

          The best example that represents my performance in the area of writing is writing reports or papers that explain and justify findings, decisions, conclusions as well as any recommendations, if required. Throughout my career-based life, I have dealt with several kinds of written work that varied from data entry to composing detailed reports on several financial issues for different kinds of job positions that I held. Furthermore, I also corresponded with several vendors through written communication. My job as an assistant accountant previously included preparing journal entries that would require an in-depth understanding of the financial concepts, evaluation of the work including any decisions or recommendations that would be required.


          Written communication is a valuable tool for anyone who is into the sales and business field. The success I had achieved as a fluent communicator once was through one of the reports that my manager asked me to compose on behalf of the firm as the previous employee had made several errors in the report that was to be sent to the client. I was also asked to communicate with the client via e-mail and post. Through the writing skills that I had achieved, I initiated my first contact with the client by sending a warm welcome e-mail followed by a letter that would make the client homely and comfortable with us. Later, I provided an executive summary (which was written by me) to the client that included an overview of our company and kindly asked him to quote a price for the tender that our company proposed. The client, extremely happy with our courteous and professional work, began to enquire about us and soon, we gained a client who helped us profit our company with millions. My manager says that it was due to my effective written communication skill that we were able to achieve a huge profit for our business due to which I was rewarded as well. It was obvious- the first good impression in any business is through written communication and if this goes well, the client starts to trust us with his business. It is this trust that leads us to the path of success…