Grade Social Studies Final Essay

Successful farming in southern Mesopotamia was due to irrigation because t helped people to control how much and when they watered their crops. 5. Assyrian placed higher value on defeating other groups (war & conquest). They were great, merciless warriors. Babylonians, on the other hand, placed higher value on advancements in mathematics and science. 6. The Temple of Jerusalem was build to house the Torah. 7. The Phoenicians invented a system of writing with just 22 characters. Unit 2- Chapters and 5 8. The Nile River is important because the Nile had a long strip of irrigated land on both sides of the it.

That helped people irrigate farmland for crop. The crops helped the people eat and survive. 9. Egypt and Nubian are related because Nubian has granite rock. The granite rock was wanted by Egyptians to build temples for there gods. 10. The Hang River is important because it cuts through the North China Plain. The North China Plain is where the settlement and culture of China was traced to. 11. Levees or dikes wall in the Hang River within its river banks. 12. The Great Wall of China was built to protect China from nearby invaders. 13.

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Taoism- is the belief of finding the “was/’ or the dad of the Universe. Taoism had almost as much influence on China as Confucianism. Confucianism- the virtues-a sense of humanity, respect for the family,and modesty- are at the core of Confucianism. Confucianism teaches the middle way, which means that people should make balanced decisions. 14. The first group to live in the Indus River Valley were the Aryans. 15. The Persian King helped to spread South Asian Cultures because the development of roads and trade by the Persian connected India with other lands in the rather mountains.

South Asian culture, technology, and people began to spread to the rest of the world. Unit 3- Chapters 8 16. The different types of landforms in Mesospheric are Sierra Madder Occidental and the Sierra Madder Oriental. They are in the middle or make up the Plateau of Mexico. 17. .The meaning of Mother Civilization was that this civilization (the Elmer) influenced all the others that followed. 18. A connote is a natural well or sink hole that is formed when underground streams collapse. 19. The AZTEC were the last great civilization of ancient Mesospheric.