Graduation Farewell Essay

To our guest speaker_____________, our dearly principal, Sr. Marife Q. Lade, our delegate superior, Sr. Salina B. Aquino, teachers, sisters, and my fellow graduates, Good Afternoon. Today, we have witness the graduates of GBLS SY. 2012-2013 as they have their commencement exercises. First of all, I want to express my congratulations to my fellow graduates, who exerted their efforts, and for the parents, for giving their full support for their children.

And this day, all your labors and sacrifices will be recognized and appreciated. This is the day which is filled with excitement because all of us, since the beginning, this is all what we are waiting for. This day, if I’m not mistaken, we are all tear-eyed before leaving this place because we cannot imagine that we will leave the place which converted us from boy to a man or from girl to a lady. Graduation day is a day of mixed-emotions.

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You are happy because your labors and sacrifices are being recognized yet sad because you are going to leave the friendships that were built within you and your classmates as well as the structure that made you develop the virtue of being simple, humble and charitable. On this opportunity given to me, I just want to address you a farewell, for the day to say good bye, to leave this structure, to leave the teachers that served as our second mothers, and to leave the newly-built friendships, has come.

This day has to end with hugs and promises with each other leaving tear-eyed students filled with happy moments. This is probably our last chance to acknowledge such persons. Firstly, our dearly principal, Sr. Marife Q. Lade and the sisters, who made this structure a home for the conversion of such students and made them learn to value their education. Secondly, our loving adviser, Tr. Joy Cristy L. del Rosario and to other teachers, for serving as our mentors of widening our intellects, sharing us their knowledge, and guiding us to the right path 9 years from now.

Thirdly, the faculty and staff of GBLS, for being a part of making this structure a home for the conversion of the students and helping our dearly principal to govern everything on this school. Other persons to be thankful of, our parents, for their full support to make us strive for our 9 years schooling and guiding us into the right path to go on, and our classmates for the friendship that has been built within us and making the whole school year filled with happy moments. Most especially, let us appreciate God’s generosity without considering our mistakes in life. Saying goodbye is hard