Grammar composition Essay

Section C: Composing and revising

1.         During the planning part of the writing process, the quantity of ideas is more important than the quality of those ideas (Hacker 3).

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2.         A concluding paragraph can be relatively short, but should echo the main paper concept (Hacker 16).

3.         Spell checkers are not as effective as proofreading because they can only check words that appear in their dictionaries (Hacker 23).

Section S: Sentence style

Parallel ideas are easier to understand when the same grammatical structure is used for all of the ideas in the series.
The word “that” can be omitted from a subordinate clause only if its omission will not cause the reader to become confused (Hacker 85).
Sentence structures within a document should be varied to provide interest for the reader, as long as the clarity of the document is not lost (Hacker 106).
Section W: Word choice

Usage is an important factor in writing, given that a phrase that is appropriate in an informal paper might not be acceptable in a formal paper (Hacker 111)
Although words can be repeated for effect, unnecessary repetition of words should be avoided (Hacker 125).
Language should be appropriate and exact; both jargon and inappropriately informal language should be avoided (Hacker 130, 139).
Section G: Grammatical sentences

Requests are not yet real events; therefore, requests are expressed in the subjunctive (Hacker 174).
Adverbs, not adjectives, should be used to modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs (Hacker 189).
Sentence fragments often appear to be full sentences; however, they lack at least one independent clause that can stand alone (Hacker 194-195).
Section T: Trouble spots

Unless a sentence is an imperative, it requires a subject (Hacker 224).
The subject of a sentence should not be repeated in the same phrase, even if the repetition is a pronoun(Hacker 225).
Although both past participles and present participles can be used as adjectives, the proper form of the word should be used to modify the noun (Hacker 229).
Section P: Punctuation

Commas should not be used before the first item in a series of elements, nor after the final item in a series (Hacker 247).
A semicolon should be used to connect two independent clauses if a comma and a conjunction is not used (Hacker 250).
Quotation marks should be used to enclose a direct quote unless the quote is of four or more lines.
Section M: Mechanics

If a compound word does not appear in a dictionary, then it should be treated as two words (Hacker 278).
The first letter of a quoted sentence should be capitalized; however, when a phrase is quoted the first letter should be lower case (Hacker 284).
Numbers of only one or two words should be written out in words; however, longer numbers should be expressed in numerals.
Section B: Basic grammar

1.         Parts of speech are a word classification system; however, many words can be classified as more than one part of speech (Hacker 447).

2.         Subordinate word groups can function only within sentences, usually acting as various descriptive parts of speech such as adjectives (Hacker 458).

3.         Sentences are classified by their structure or by their purpose (Hacker 463).