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Comparing discipline, management, behavior and misbehavior can at times be impacted by one or all of these words. Discipline and management can have many parallels in the classroom but yet the two can have so many different meanings or interpretations. In order for discipline and management in the classroom to be successful, misbehavior and behavioral systems need to be in place for children to understand the appropriate and inappropriate actions in the class. To gain a better understanding of these four words, defining it would be necessary. The definitions of discipline, management, behavior and misbehavior are as follows:

School discipline is the system of rules, punishments and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of children and the maintenance of order in schools. Its aim is to control the students actions and behavior. The structure in place in the school, impacts the success or failure of the teachers and students: An analogy of a blue print, how a blue print expresses the need to have a plan. Classroom management:

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According to Evertson and Weinstein, classroom management has two distinct purposes: “It not only seeks to establish and sustain an orderly environment so students can engage in meaningful academic learning, it also ims to enhance student social and moral growth” Managing all components of the classroom at all times: Having eyes in the back of your head Behavior: The manner in which one behaves. The actions or reactions of a person or animal in response to external or internal stimuli. One of these actions or reactions: The manner in which something functions or operates The behaviors taught by the teacher which he/she expects their students to follow in the classroom. Flea training, an analogy of how our environment can condition us. Misbehavior: improper, inappropriate, or bad behavior.

Students awareness of appropriate or inappropriate behaviors but he/she elects to misbehave: Knowing that a student hits other students frequently is one thing, but knowing that he or she can often go all morning without hitting is quite another. Classroom management is a multi-faceted activity. It extends beyond some of the more traditional behavior management techniques frequently recommended to deal with students with disruptive behavior or students who misbehave. Discipline and classroom management allow the class to be organized and implementation of instruction in ways that optimize students’ access to learning.

The child’s exhibition of positive behavior, discipline and classroom management encourages student engagement with academic tasks, promotes the development of student social skills and self-regulation; and use appropriate interventions to assist students who have behavior problems. According to Aves, classroom management establishes how events are performed in the classroom. It addresses procedures, routines, and the classroom structure. Classroom management is enhanced when procedures are explained to students, practiced by students, and when necessary, periodically reinforced by practicing again.

Whereas, discipline deals with how people behave. It also addresses impulse management and self-control which is the responsibility of the student. Behavior refers to an individual’s measurable response to a given set of circumstances. It may be expressed through a combination of attitudes, words and actions. Misbehavior refers to a measurable response that is inappropriate, disruptive, or confrontational to a given set of circumstances. Positive attention is a deterrent to misbehavior and encourages good behavior, because each individual seeks to be noticed and appreciated

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