Granting amnesty Essay

         One of the issues in the United States is the Immigration Reform Act of 2007 or commonly called S. 1348. The S.1348 would award amnesty to immigrants who are illegally living in the United States. (

            In rough estimate, there are about 12million illegal immigrants that are currently staying in the United States in 2007. These illegal immigrants comprise the 4 percent of the United States population. (

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            Amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States must be granted because it will help the illegal immigrants who are abiding the law and who are paying taxes to get legal status or citizenship. (

            According to Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee, the amnesty must be given to all immigrants regardless of their nationality and country of origin. She said that since illegal immigrants should be legalized in the United States because of their hard work and high moral character. (

         Many advantages may be acquired if the amnesty will be granted. One is advantage is illegal immigrants have several contributions to the United State. These immigrants are productive and contributed a lot in the economy of the US because they are skilled workers. Deporting them may be a great loss in the US economy since these illegal immigrants are taking the jobs that most Americans do not want.

Another advantage that may be seen in granting the amnesty is that illegal immigrants would increase the labor force of the US since almost 12million illegal immigrants are staying in United State. It would help the US to be a more stable state because most illegal immigrants are very productive.

Another is if the amnesty will be granted immigrant children would already have an access to education that later on will be of great help in the continuous growth of the United States.

            These are few reasons why amnesty of illegal immigrants must be granted because this is the only way to give credit to those hard working and taxpaying immigrants. This amnesty is one way of showing them that their efforts are not wasted. It is now time for those immigrants to experience how to be treated well, to be protected and to gain access to privileges they have longed for many years.

            Although there are advantages in granting the amnesty for illegal immigrants, there are also some disadvantages of doing so. One disadvantage of granting amnesty is that there will be an increase to the future cost of the US because the estimated population of illegal immigrants is 12million but it can be higher than that. Also, there might be an amnesty fraud because the immigrant would need at least two affidavits from other people proving that he/she has been working in the US since January 2007. The verification might come from other illegal immigrant. In addition, the spouses and children of the illegal immigrants may add to the amnesty population, which will be granted also an amnesty. Another is that the government cost of the health benefits of the elderly immigrants will increase faster. Lastly, the social security might be in risk because many would want to go to United States knowing that there would be a bigger chance of them to be a citizen.


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