Graphic anyone looking for a creative carrier, a

Graphic Design was first coined by William Addison Dwiggins in
the year of 1922.

Businesses and the corporates use several kinds of graphic
designs like logo design, info graphics, web designs, signage, social media
graphics and PowerPoint Presentation design for marketing, and many more custom
designs to mention.

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The popular format called Helvetica font was introduced to
the world in 20th century and soon it became one of the most well-liked admired
and desired fonts.

Graphic design is of the most passionate carrier path.
Graphic design is an art that comes from mind and soul internally. So anyone
looking for a creative carrier, a graphic designer is the right selection for

What is graphic design?

The field of Graphic design is the art and practice of
planning, projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. It is
also a process of visual communication and problem solving domain.

This field is considered a part of visual communication and
communication design, but the term “graphic design” is actually used
synonymously. Graphic designs also include virtual form also like images,
words, or graphics, various fonts of texts.

Common usage of graphic design include corporate design (for
logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books) way
finding or environmental design, advertising, web designing, communication
designing, product packaging.

Graphical designing all started with simple arts, drawing
and designing on sheets. Then it got extended to the present level of


Online education

Online education for graphic design is beneficial because
you need to learn many things practically. 
Sitting in class rooms don’t provide you much knowledge, unless you
practice it by yourself.

Timings can be adjusted and friendly. You can learn a lot
online, you can clear doubts from your professors anytime. You get scholarships
and internships based on credits and merit.

Importance of Graphic Design

Studying graphics is a kind of art, which improves

It is not a static field; technology keeps on
changing so you can learn new things simultaneously.

Graphic design is creative and meditative.

It is fun.

It makes social media more attractive and

It makes games colourful and innovative.


Specializations in Graphic design

design-this deal with graphical design for advertisements.

website projects-development of websites and designing.

Type and
calligraphy-graphics for digital typing and calligraphy.

design-design unique icons for various companies.

illustration-art of producing images under artists real images.

animation-animation using different interfaces.

projects-designing greeting cards, calendars and visiting cards.

app UI-graphical user interface in mobiles.


 Where can you work?                                     

Director-this job entitles the art designing.

Mac Operator
and Designer-Photoshop and blueprint.

Package Design-brand
focused art work.

designing for advertising.

designing for marketing.

Logo Designer-logo
designer makes unique logos.

Front End
Web Developer-develops front end appealing view.

User Interface
(UI) Designer-designs user interface for software’s and applications.

User Experience
(UX) Designer-designer here decides here why, how and what product should



The one and only purpose of this article was to bestow the
importance of graphic design and give a better understanding of different types
of courses in graphic design.

I think by now, you would have understood the importance of
graphic design where can you work. Graphic design can add colors to many
fields. Even a plain and boring thing can changed into interesting stuff with
the help of graphic design.

There are many job opportunities for graphic design and you
get a high level salary , so if you like graphic designing, it’s a good option
for your career. Good luck…!!!