Graphic Organizer For Proposal Essay

Paragraph 1 will include a discussion of the topic as you understand it at this point. What do you know about this topic so far? About its history? Its significance? The conflict started when the Ukrainian president refused to sign an agreement that would have created closer trade relations be?een the EIJ and Ukraine. North Korea attacked America via cyber. Wars are starting to change be?een two traditional conflicts to large countries supporting smaller countries to fight each other. Paragraph 2 explains WHY you are entering THIS conversation.

What interest do you have in this topic? How does this topic connect to your community? If you were to have another person read the finished paper, whom would this person be and why? Note: think of someone that is not a teacher. Whom would you like to reach? It is a current event that is happening right this second. With cyber-attacks becoming more common, the community needs to watch what they put up on the internet. I would want a person who has knowledge on warfare to read this. Paragraph 3 should begin with: In this paper I will argue that… nd include ome ideas of what you’ve discovered so far in your research. Where is this paper headed? Some of you may be unsure about where it’s headed until you conduct more research. If you are unsure of your argument at this point, then what question are you trying to answer and what is your research plan? What will your paper NOT focus on? I will argue that modern warfare is not what it used to be, it is something more then we understand. We need to change our approach on how militarys make army’s and who fights, and how.

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Paragraph 4 should look at the variety of perspectives that should be taken nto account for your topic. For example, with school uniforms, there are a number of groups affected: students, teachers, local businesses, and parents just to name a few. You would explore how this topic affects them. Who is affected by your research topic? What groups are most at involved? What are the different perspectives that you’ll need to include in your research? The whole world is affected by this topic, it doesn’t matter what race, religion, and ethnicity you are it can happen or has happened to everyone.

I need to nclude how other countries preserve warfare and what they count as “starting” a war. Paragraph 5 will discuss the types of sources that will be relevant to your paper and the types you’ve found so far. If you will need an interview, how do you intend to use it? How will you record it? If you will conduct a survey, what will you need to bear in mind as you develop the questions? What group will you survey? What medium will you use? How will the survey affect your research? Is it merely more support for your argument or is it the focal point?

How will any sources you’ve found so far be used in your paper? would use it to either back up a certain subject or prove a valid argument. I would either record it via voice recorder or wright the responses down. Who am reaching out to? Would this group of people be a valid response or not? The survey would show what people think is right and wrong. It would be used for either or, depending on the responses. The sources would be used to again quote, and display what people who have studied on this subject think and if it compares to what the civilian mass thinks.