A novel by Charles Dickens Essay

Great Expectations. a novel by Charles Dickens. was foremost published in England as a series in the old ages 1860 and 61 so subsequently as a novel. It runs to 448 pages in modern paper-back book. The work is considered to be autobiographical and told in first individual as a memoir of the orphan male child. Pip. Dickens’ thesis is moral in nature. stating that love. trueness and a clean scruples are more of import than wealth. societal category and aspiration. Pip believes he is in love with the Estella. a ward of the rich Mrs. Havisham and seeks to go a gentleman in order to win her bosom.

He comes to recognize his sister and her hubby and the convicted felon. Magwitch. though low in societal category. expose more character than those he knows of the upper category. Dickens. through his supporter. advances the thought that aristocracy is non baronial by nature. and one can progress on his ain intelligence and work ethic ( 183 ) . Mrs. Havisham’s household earned their money in commercialism but she still represents wealth. Dickens depicts her as a bitter and vindictive old adult female. full of hatred for work forces. She uses Pip and encourages the like-minded Estella to interrupt his bosom ( 60 ) .

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Pip comes into money and believes that the upper category Mrs. Havisham is his benefactress. which is non true. His money comes from the inmate Magwitch who wants to do Pip a gentleman for his ain grounds ( 335 ) . Bentley Drummle. while a minor character. is used by Dickens to demo that aristocracy does non confabulate morality on a individual. Dickens proves his thesis by the associating the indurate behaviour of the upper categories. compared and contrasted to the kindness of his hapless household and the lower categories represented. He produces a litany of baronial villains and lowborn citizens with high moral fibre for the reader to see.


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