Great Leader Comparison Essay

They were both similar because leases was a son of a dainty and Lou IS was a prance and both lived very privileged childhoods in the beginning years of their lives.

This made both men already above the rest Of their societies and made them candidates for r Euler. Outgas was born in Kaki Castle and part of Maturity Clan and when he was young w as somewhat oblivious to the families conflict in choosing which clan to support at the time. Louis XIV was born in Chateau De Saint German en Lay and was the only son to Louis XIII and in his childhood he would spent most o his time with his mother and went to the theatre.

Both lived elite and privileged early years of c holding and were oblivious to the conflicts that happened around them. Both leases and Louis childhoods were abruptly ended once they experience d their “Light” and this made them into the people that they were. When Outgas w as seven he was arranged to be hostage in order to arrange an alliance with the Image Clan but he was abducted by DOD Unbounded and was threatened to be executed if his family did don’t severe ties with the Image Clan. After two years and the death of DOD Unbounded he WA sent to Sunup to be hostage to the Image Clan and lived a fairly pleasant life till he was 15.T his event made leases aware of his position in the society as a tool for negotiations and potent till ally for to the Image Clan in the future. Louis XIV lived a happy early childhood but that c hanged with the outbreak of the Fronded in France a revolt that lasted five years.

His life became e insecure, stressful, and unpleasant and the royal family was driven out of Paris twice an d was once held under virtual arrest. The Fronded ended after Cardinal Magazine suppressed the volt but this made Louis the absolutist ruler that he was.The “Journey’ of Outgas begin s with the death Of the leader of the Image clan History and then allied with DOD Unbound gag who killed History. leases stayed allies with Unbutton till his death which then he Tat ere allied himself with Tommie Hideous who he traded provinces with. After obtaining the K onto region from Hideous he became the second most powerful dainty in Japan.

Louis in 1 66 1 became the King of France after the death of Cardinal Magazine. He decided and he would r lulu without a hive minister and began his absolutist rule.He started with administrative an d fiscal reforms which left France almost bankrupt and appointed Jean Collect to be his Chief of Finance.

This was a poor mistake on Louis part as Jean was spending tons of money and WA s later charged with embezzlement and was to be exiled by the parliament but Louis decided to I imprison him for life. This showed Louis absolute rule and his ability to go against the decision of to hers and his harsh rule. Their “Journey’ was their rise to power and the actions they had taken to et to become the powerful ruler that they were.In the final part of the Great Individual model only Outgas succeeds while L oasis left France bankrupt. The “return to the cave” for for Outgas was becoming SSH gun eliminating those who threaten his new reign. leases in the Siege of Osaka Castle eliminate De the last rival to his shogun Tommie Hydride (son of Hideous).

This showed what he WA s willing to do what was necessary as Hydride was still a child and the son of his ally Toyota mi Hideous. Tugboat’s “new society’ was the Outgas Shogun which was peaceful Ia Steed 250 years.Louis XIV failed the last two parts of the Great Individual Model and his many actions left his country bankrupt and was a key factor in the later French Revolution. Both Louis and leases were powerful ambitious rulers who remained power lulu for most of their lives but only leases was able to bring his country into a better state t Han before which is why Outgas is a much better ruler than Louis XIV. I chose these two because e of their similarities in the beginning in the beginning stages of the Great Individual m Del and how they differed at the end.