Greek Influence to Western Music Essay

Greek Influence to Western Music

     The Greek scientific theories provided a rather base line for the western world to use concepts for lifestyle improvement. Many of the musical attributes of the western world have come from the introduction of mathematical and scientific influences of the Greeks. For example, because of the Greek’s formulation of measurement, there came a time for music to become formatted in a universal acceptable tune. The tones and notes of measurement became the foreground beneficiaries of Greek mathematical achievements. Even though arithmetic played an important role in the commercial, trade and scientific exploration in Greek times, the western music benefited from it through stratifying an exact composition of musical projects. A random production of music by instruments was converted into counts and mathematical symbols for universal playing agreement.

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The advancement of techniques to produce musical instruments has also resulted from Greek scientific conceptualizations. The ancient Greeks had a special place for music in their culture. It was commonly believed that music nurtured a man’s relationship with the Gods (Thinkquest, 2005). In terms of the Greek’s aesthetical influence to western music, their ability to commit themselves to their social living has lead to a revolution in the love of music. The western world was influenced to create musical pieces that solicit the overall reflection of nature, man, the arts and even cultural beliefs. The centralization of one’s personal influence to music was set aside and brought to life music as a whole acceptance of the cultural segment of the society. Lastly, the philosophical attributes of the Greeks to the western music comes in the form of the nature of music itself. Philosophies such as music as an endearment to higher beings made these compositions well regarded and sometimes valued to the extent of being sacred. That is why, even in the modern times, such creativity and personalization is inputted in musical works.


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