Green Energy Essay

This presentation is based on Green Energy and the affect of economy on it. The use of renewable energy is on the rise around the world.

The costs of this renewable energy is relatively costly. This means in the long run over time the costs will be paid for and consumers will see a lower energy bill. There has been great achievements in smaller countries with the introduction of green energy. They have seen how useful this is and the way it provides electricity with no problems. Many countries rely on wind power energy and the mechanisms can be costly in the long run.Over the course of this presentation we will see the different aspects of green energy and how it effects the economy. Commonly used green energy is wind, solar, fossils fuels, and water. Solar energy is used more widely throughout the world.

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Many consumers have solar paneling on their own homes to reduce their electricity bill. They see that solar energy is more accessible to anyone in the world. The sun is always out and powering up these panels. Wind energy is starting to become more popular also.

This wind energy can be use individually with the equipment at home or in some parts of the world multiple equipment is use to power cities.Fossils fuels is also another source of green energy since it is found naturally. Though in the long run it can also hurt air pollution. Water energy or hydroelectricity is another source and can be reliable. There is one set back in order to set up it would have to destroy part of an ecosystem. All green energy is made from natural sources. The sun is one of the oldest known source. It is widely used in many parts of the world to power everything from homes to everyday appliances.

Today we have panels that can absorb the sun and turn that power into electricity.These panels can be costlyto those who do not have the extra money to spend on them. The main concern is the longivity of the panels and making sure they do what it is needed. The second oldest source and the less costly is wind power.

This energy has been around for centuries and used in many different settings. The mechanisms can be costly at first but are set to last long. There are countries that use wind power now to provide electricity to the cities. The use of renewable energy started to become poplular during the 1980’s. The consumers and governments started to take interest in ways to reduce costs of electricity.They also wanted to come up with ways to reduce pollution caused by other sources of electricity.

We want our consumers to see that it is up to them to chose what is more reliable source to introduce into their community. The costs of renewable energy vary depending on the project. A small project like a house for an example could cost thousands. A large project could cost billions of dollars. Large projects are for those cities who want to switch to a green energy like wind power. These projects would be backed by the government and would have some backlash with people seeing useless spending.If the government wants this they would need to set up a guideline to the people on the benefits of converting to green energy. In the past government backing on large projects needed to be approved and set up properly in order to get approved.

Presently government backing is needed more with the economic problems we are facing today. Another issue to face presently is the thoughts of consumers and the unneccessary spending needed to introduce green energy. Many will see it as a waste of money that could go towards other areas of economic distress. One main issue to consider is environmental issues and how it will affect the ecosystem.The choice of which green energy is introduced will be the major contender on the introduction to an area. The introduction of green energy would have to have the backing of government officials.

This would help consumers see that the changes coming into their communities and cities worth the costs. The places where these projects will also play a role with the communities and cities. If the project is in a place where the environment would be harmed they would have the right to reject it. The government would have to make extra efforts to do their research of the communities and cities.These decisions would than be made by voting of higher government officials and that of the consumers in the area to receive the green energy project. Over the course of these decisions some conflicts might arise such as getting employees to work on the project, finding the right contractors, and the over approval of all parties involved. The government overall will have the last say of these project and the overlook of all financial issues.

The success of green energy is all up to the government. The help of funds and backing of the government will make the transition to green energy run smoothly.Another success would be the consumers will see results almost immediately with lower electricity bills. Many traditional electric means are getting expensive in the economic stand point of society now. When the system is in place, this would open up employment in the area. The everyday operations of the site would be ran by those in the area trained properly. This would also secure a future for younger generations for employment in the area.

Many parts of the world see that this green energy also helps the economy in the area. Increasing the revenue also helps the area maintain balance.The future of green energy will always be revolving with more technology coming out with ways to improve what it set now. This would sustain future generations to come. In conclusion we see that green energy is useful for any one of us. We see that it can promote employment now and for future generations. The costs of green energy projects will pay for themselves overtime. The consumers will be able to see lower electricity bills from the introduction of green energy in their area.

This also will benefit the environment with no pollution going into the air or water supply. The way we receive electricity now harms our environment.If we go to green energy now we will be able to reverse some of the effects that already are in place. Living in a cleaner environment will allow future generations to see we cared enough to fix our mistakes. The economy will be able to bounce back and put money back into programs that need it more.

Fixing our problems will always be topic of conversations and the introduction of green energy will lessen that burden. I personally think the Classical Theory, “Sometimes referred to as laissez faire economics, classical theory emphasized growth, free trade, and competition, as free from government regulation as possible.Under classical thought, when individuals pursue their own interest, society as a whole benefits. ” ( Hall, 2009). If I were an entrepreneur and invented something that would be more energy efficient I would patent that idea and while making a profit, I would still keep in mind that it would be for benefit of mankind and I would not set a very high price for it.

The price would be enough of one where I would feel comfortable and able to put people to work.