Greeting clearly and slowly. You need to

customers –

greeting customers you must be attentive and acknowledging from the minute they
appear. This could be through making eye contact and stating your name then
continuing to ask how you can help or what the customer needs. This could also
be done through positive body language. Things such as shaking hands and
leaning towards the customer will make them feel more comfortable. Also when
greeting customers you must be concentrated, polite and courteous and treat all
the customers as equals. If you’re greeting customers on the phone you need to
ensure you are communicating well by speaking loudly, clearly and slowly. You
need to know your organisation and make the customer feel comfortable by coming
across as friendly and welcoming to speak to. This can be done through the tone
of your voice and the choice of words you use. Also the use of empathy towards
the customer if they have problems may also be effective. By doing all of this
a rapport will be created and the customer feel more important and more valued.

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would be effective while working at Sage as greeting customers over the phone
may be harder as they cannot see body language. To greet customers correctly in
my role you would need to state your name and the reason for the call, you
could ask the customer how they are and if they have time to speak. You could
also ask their preferred name in order to keep the customer happy.


customers –

identify customers the procedure of taking personal details such as company
names and address’ should occur. This will help identify if the customer is who
they say they are. Another way to identify customers is by asking questions to
establish their specific needs. By asking questions you are identifying what
they do or don’t need so you can speak only about things the customer is going
to be interested in.


and recording customer contact –

closing and recording customer contact it must be checked with the customer
that all their needs were met and they are satisfied with their customer service.
This can be done through asking if there’s anything else they can be helped
with or if they have any queries or concerns you may be able to help with. This
should be followed up with a solution if possible, for example if the
communication is occurring on the phone the customer may be transferred to a
more appropriate department. If you personally can not help with their problems
things such as call backs or follow ups should be arranged by the appropriate
team to make sure everything is resolved. 
As for recording customer contact, if on the phone, the customer should
be made aware the call is being recorded in case of any objections and if
details are taken in the call they should be properly recorded in the computer
system etc.