Group Adidas: Eric, Johnny, Brian, James, Regene Essay

Executive Summary: * A change that requires consideration is buying out or merging with other brands such as Nike or Jordan like they did with Reebok. This would result in a high demand for the customers’ dream products such as Nike-Adidas, Adidas-Jordan, or Jordan-Reebok sneakers. * For example in Hockey the brands Nike and Reebok merged as did Nike and Bauer. This resulted in customers who were loyal to their specific brand to purchase from other brands that they may have not chosen in the past. Another example of this is the companies Nike and Jordan merging together. Merging gives the customers their dream products from their favorite brands and it also brings much profit to each brand.

Company Overview: * Adidas is a German corporation that designs and manufactures clothing and sporting apparel. For example Adidas produces all of the N. B. A. attire. * Adidas is known for their eye-catching sneakers, shirts, pants, and hats. Adidas also has their own cologne and shampoo. Adidas is most known for their sporting gear and sneakers. Adidas’ mission statement is, “We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position. * Adidas’ major competitors are Nike, and Jordan. Objectives/Goals: * “Adidas strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. ” * To strengthen their brands and improving their competitive position. * “…to match and exceed consumer expectations and to provide [their products] with the highest value. ” Situation Analysis: * Strengths: Adidas is the biggest sponsor in Basketball apparel.

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Adidas has a diverse range of products such as: shoes, jerseys, bags, shirts, pants, jackets/sweatshirts, eyewear, colognes/perfumes, and toiletries. Adidas is one of the most well-known brands of the sports world. Adidas owns Reebok which used to be one of its biggest rival competitors. Adidas also has an 11 year deal with the N. B. A. since 2006. * Weaknesses: Adidas’ biggest weakness is its rivalry with Nike. Some customers prefer Nike over Adidas.

* Opportunities: English fashion designer, Stella McCartney is promoting the female community to participate in athletics and wear the Adidas brand as well. Threats: The Nike-Jordan merger. This could damage their competition with Nike and Jordan in the market of sneakers. STP Analysis: * To buy out Nike-Jordan and own the sporting and sneaker market. * To move into sports they never entered into yet like hockey or baseball. * To be the global leader in the sporting goods industry. Marketing Plan: * Merging or buying out Nike-Jordan brand and company or surpassing them in competition. Implementation Plan: * Adidas will enter into sports that they have not yet ventured into.

Sports like hockey and baseball will make Adidas sporting gear even more well-known and it might convince customers to be loyal to the Adidas brand over the Nike brand. * Adidas will attempt to make deals with the N. F. L. and college sports, like they did with the N. B. A. Also when Adidas grows to become the preferred brand of the sports they ventured into, Adidas will attempt to make deals with the N. H. L. and M. L. B. * Once this has taken place Adidas will have greatly surpassed Nike and they could potentially buy out Nike-Jordan for a pretty penny.