Group Communication Essay

Effective group communications come in signifiers of verbal and non-verbal techniques. Essential parts of the full group’s part are that the group contains full take parting members. the group is diverse. and that the diverseness is recognized and respected ( Hartley. 1997 ) .

In the picture viewed. three were evaluated on the effectual and uneffective communicating accomplishments of the participants and suggestions made on how they could better. The pictures are titled. “Planning a Playground” . “Helping Annie” . and “The Politicss of Sociology.

Planing a Resort area For the impact diverseness plays on group member’s communicating manners. I choose the picture titled “Planning a Playground” . In this picture. community occupants are run intoing for the first clip to discourse an issue refering to support of new vicinity resort area. The occupants belong to diversified backgrounds in respects to their ages.

genders. race. and SEC ( Planing a Playground. 2008 ) . The beginnings of the occupants differ as one member is Black ; one is Asiatic. whereas the other three are Caucasic.The occupants come from different SEC backgrounds. One member opens the treatment about support and how much trouble they are holding in raising adequate money.

Another member bells in and advert how she is close friends with a individual with a batch of resources who might assist with parts. The group members’ communicating manner is wholly different because their diversified backgrounds. Some sit confronting the other’s and makes changeless oculus contact. Another sits at the ‘head’ of the tabular array able to see everyone but does non necessary expression at everyone.Some members are taking elaborate written notes. where another is merely sitting at that place listening to everyone.

Physical arrangement places a immense consequence and impact on communicating. Peoples confronting each other. sitting in close propinquity. ensures everyone is heard and gives a feeling of comfort. Other effectual communicating methods could hold made usage of for the meeting and benefitted all members. Two of these methods are written stuffs and telephones ( Hartley. 1997 ) .Written stuff could be repared before the group met and used to do happenings clearer to members.

who have no cognition of the topic. The other method is telephones. which can help the members to derive better apprehension of each other.

In the usage of telephones there is the cut down opportunity of favoritism since the members can non see each other ( if they have non met prior- in some incidences here ) . Annie To turn to the verbal and gestural interaction among the members of a group the picture titled “Annie” best illustrates this.In the picture there is clearly both hearing and miscommunication traveling on. The scene of this picture is that the rubric character. Annie is a high school miss. who seems to be enduring from a possible eating upset every bit good as depression ( Understanding Relationship- Helping Annie. 2008 ) . A nurse from a school has called upon a meeting with a head-shrinker and a societal worker to seek out a possible intervention program for Annie.

In “Annie” . once more the physical scene and arrangement of participants play an of import portion in the communicating manner.Two of the members are sitting side-by-side on a sofa while the 3rd individual sits in her desk chair across from the sofa. The individual in the chair is non merely able to do oculus contact with the other two but besides is in a physical place to see their verbal and non-verbal communications. The two on the sofa are at a disadvantage for reading the non-verbal linguistic communication and doing oculus contact with each other. The school nurse. head-shrinker.

and societal workers are engaged in a verbal conversation.The head-shrinker is speaking to the school nurse and is non all concerned or ready to take any kind of statements from the societal worker. He is prosecuting in assorted kinds of non- verbal communicating with the societal workers demoing his neutrality.

The assorted non- verbal communications used by the head-shrinker are body linguistic communication and voice. He continues to cut the societal worker off in mid-sentence. non leting her to talk ( Understanding Relationship- Helping Annie.

2008 ) . These non- verbal communications were impeding the procedure of group communicating.The two methods of communications. which could hold facilitated the group would hold been one-to-one conversation every bit good as written communicating. Each member could hold met separately to avoid breaks and bad sitting arrangement ( Hartley.

1997 ) . Besides since each one evaluated Annie individually the could hold merely submitted their findings and suggestions/recommendations to the societal worker and allow her develop a program off of that- and direct a transcript to the nurse and head-shrinker for redacting and reappraisal.The Politics of Sociology The 3rd picture. “The Politics of Sociology” . demonstrates good communicating techniques from all members of the group. The assorted listening techniques. which have been used by the members of this group.

are promoting. paraphrasing. and reflecting feelings. The encouraging technique used. refers to the use of a assortment of verbal and gestural to advance others to travel in front with their negotiations.

Paraphrasing is repeating the conversation to give an feeling that the individual hearing has understood the conversation.Reflecting is concerned with demoing empathy with the talker. Listening is an of import activity of group communicating. To convey out an effectual solution or decision to the affair discussed. it is of import to listen to all the sentiments. The participants are all professors at a university but still have different backgrounds ( The Politics of Sociology. 2008 ) . There are differences in the ages.

races. and subjects they teach. Each individual has a different communicating manner.Some shooting thoughts out right off where others waited for all to talk so measure and give their sentiments. while remaining respectful and understanding of each other’s point of position. The physical set-up of the room plays a positive portion in their effectual communicating. Each member is confronting each other and is able to see the faces of everyone. This placement helps cut back on misinterpretations or non-verbal cues.

Even though the communicating techniques used in this picture seem to be effectual. there are ever room for alteration and betterment.Since the group was composed of multiple people. five or six. a ocular show could hold been used. Either a chalkboard or overhead projector could hold been set up and let each member to set up their pros and cons for alteration of the course of study every bit good as any thoughts or suggestions they had.

After each member went so one individual could be delegated to sum up the lists and come up with concluding recommendations to be voted on ( Hartley. 1997 ) . Another method could hold been to interrupt the group up into two smaller groups to work on solutions and so convey them back to the big group for treatment.Decision In job resolution. group treatment. or merely typical duologue it is of import to hold consequence communicating techniques. Depending on the group or subject of conversation there are several techniques that work better for treatment so others. Taking into consideration clip frame or group size written.

telephone. or one-on-one techniques can be utilized. Communication manners vary among groups but cardinal necessities are cosmopolitan ; listening. esteeming. and appropriate interaction between members.