Group motivation Essay

Group motivation represents the forces within each group member that affects his or her direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behavior. Group members were well motivated to arrive at meetings minutes before it commences, also to complete each individual tasks or aim for other group objectives. Direction refers to the fact that motivation is goal-oriented not random (McShane Pg 32).

This states that members are well motivated towards the goal or task they have to complete. During this period of task completion, members usually stay in touch with one another and at the same time, trying to carry out their own individual roles required of them. Intensity refers to the amount of effort allocated to the goal. For instance, group work was very consistent in my group as each member made sure that; his or her part was well done.During the process of completing the group work, each member contributed a lot towards this group task and at the same time making sure that other members were aware of what was going on. For instance, our task roles were well stated and defined; this really helped the group as a whole to be more motivated towards the goal and also for members to fully participate in-group activities.

Lastly, motivation also involves various levels of persistence; which are the continuous effort members continue to contribute for a certain amount of time.After the group paper on task project, we the group members knew we were still going to get back once more as a group to complete the paper on team development. Though communication within the group wasn”t that consistent, we still kept in touch with one another and members were now focusing on the new task ahead of us.

As a group, we sustained our individual efforts until we reach both our individual and collective goals. In order to do this, members knew what is required of them and also how to go about it.It is now up to the person to put all his or her effort towards the task. For example, group members are motivated to complete their individual tasks on time (direction); for instance completing the group paper on task project before the due date and also, each member putting forth enough effort (intensity) to achieve our goal. This includes both natural aptitudes and the learned capabilities required to complete a task successfully (McShane pg 33).Aptitudes are the natural talents, which helped group members, learn and focus on specific tasks swiftly and perform them better.

For instance, each group member had different abilities than others and there are many physical and mental aptitudes and the ability to obtain skills is affected by these aptitudes. The Physical and mental skills that members possess are also put in use for the completion of our group task.The diversity in abilities within the group also gets to build a very strong base for individual behavior and performance in the group. An individual’s competency is also influenced by his or her ability as this leads an individual to superior performance. When all these factors (i.

e natural and learned capabilities) combine, it tends to maximize individual behavior and performance required to complete a task successfully.