Growing and basically I decided to do

Growingup in America I experienced the process of enculturation differently than otherplaces in the world. This development is the way in which we obtain andtransmit culture throughout our entire life. It illustrates how everyone becomesresigned to the principles that their culture has long set in place, and howeach person becomes accustom to forbidden behaviors and beliefs, which are restricted,in opposition to promoted behaviors and beliefs. My parents have lots ofbeliefs about who I should be as a human being, like being honest, hardworking,self-confident, and educated are just some of the positive examples worth beingnoted.

In combination with religion, parent’s beliefs and public schooling Ihave found that for the most part the American dream consists of ideas that we shouldhave an equal chance to attain achievement and wealth through working hard, willpower,and initiative. In a lot of ways the culture I have been present to for themajority of my life shows that people believe everyone ought to be in commandof anything/everything in our surroundings that possibly will affect us. The predicamentswe find ourselves in during our lives are not seen as consequences derived frombad luck but from having derived from the individual’s lack of trying to betterthemselves. In addition, I have been told by parents, government agencies, and friendsthat everyone should look out for their own needs and desires before helpingothers. Growing up surrounded by these morals and beliefs helped me find what Iwant because the idea of freedom is also what this culture thrives on andbasically I decided to do the things I see as right and just.

This culture isconsumed in internet which gives you the ability to read and learn aboutanything you want regardless of it being accepted by the people around you, andby having this at my disposal I was able to create my own views on how lifeshould be lived and who I want to be. I have grown up in an environment thathad lots of cursing and country/ghetto slang, which has caused me to try tospeak in a manner that would be considered more professional. I experiencedevents in my early years of churches discriminating against groups of people basedon scripture. I’m lucky to be a part of a culture that believes in freedom andI used the greatest parts of my surroundings to guide my enculturation and withthis freedom I can acculturate as well.