Growing part in team matches at my

 Growing up from being
toddler to a high school boy, I witnessed technology gallop leaps and bounds
from being an imperative for businesses to becoming all pervasive aspect of
everyday living.

I credit technology as the main trigger that helped me
evolve from a curious boy, accessing data and information from the internet, to
developing an unsatiating urge to seek knowledge. That is what led me to pursue
my academics in engineering.

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As a child, I was always fascinated by cars, air planes and homely
gadgets like aircon. The fact these inventions transformed our lives was
experienced. But how do I ever unravel the mystery of what, how and who makes
these things? From being labelled a search engine, the proper noun that is
Google became a verb in the life of every one. If you want to know about
something, ‘just google it’, was instantaneous.  And so my desire to know how an automobile
works, how does an aircraft fly could be fulfilled.

Although technology is increasingly manifesting as
automation, I was always provoked by the mechanics behind it. This propelled me
take up mechanical engineering as a discipline of choice.

Studying my undergraduate from SRM and staying in the
student quarters has taught me the importance of time management, discipline
and responsiveness. The most prolific moment in my undergraduate programme was
when I was given the opportunity to do a Semester Abroad Program from NUS,
Singapore. Appreciating and learning about different cultural paradigms,
sharing experiences and making friends from all parts of world has given me a
newfound strength, confidence and self-understanding which has bolstered my
overall personal development.

Sports and Music have also played a vital role in modelling
my personality. I started at a young age learning violin and being a part of
musical shows at school. I have also taken part in team matches at my school
and university in Football, Table Tennis and Cricket. Learning music has taught
me patience, helped improve memory and attention span, discipline to keep
practicing till you get the right note. Sports has made me learn to cope with
losses and importance of teamwork. Both music and sports has developed me as an
individual with a never give-up attitude.

Community service is a trait I have inherited from my parents.
It is every individual’s solemn duty to give back to the society. Volunteering
at HelpAge India which provides medical services for senior citizens has been a
soul satisfying experience and it helped me develop civic, social
responsibility and create positive impact on society.

The world is innovating on platform of moving towards
automation and artificial intelligence. My belief is that for every automation
there is an involvement of mechanics that would make it possible.        

If given the opportunity of being a part of Rackham Graduate
School, it will be a fulfilment of my innate desire to be a part of world class
institution blend with the cultural diversity.