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Growing up with a pair of older siblings has the potential to strip a person of his or her originality. When a path has already been forged – twice – it becomes all too easy to follow in the mundane dredges of older siblings’ footsteps. From an early age, I was determined that the dredges of these footsteps would not be my fate. Instead, I chose to forge my own path. My development of interests was different from my siblings’ and I was challenged to create new fun. Since early childhood I have been tenaciously inquisitive, and experiments became my entertainment. These experiments began with the calculation of salt-taste differential in play- dough but later evolved into my passion for cooking and determining the most optimal and delicious recipe. Although simple, my experimental curiosity laid the foundation for a promising future that would produce answers that may (or may not) be more significant to advance mankind. My natural curiosity and love for solving challenges instinctively led me to focus on the study of science in school. In high school I am even better introduced to the natural sciences. Now I am learning about orbital theory and mechanisms of metabolism that “real” scientists have determined through a process similar to the experimentation that I apply in my own life. Moreover, volunteering at a nursing home also gave me a new perspective of the human condition. This experience coupled with my desire to learn science has led me to think about ways in which I could contribute to the medical field. My intended major of Life Sciences with Human Biology concentration is a reflection of my determination to solve real world challenges that affect more than just my life. At NC State, I plan to apply the passion I use for my own life experiments to learning the foundations of science that will help in the pursuit of an eventual graduate degree in science. Like the scientists I have read about in my textbooks, I intend to forge my path to become a part of the next generation of scientific discovery.