Growing the choice on whether or not

Growing up, my family had not really ever mentioned or payed much attention to politics. From what I do remember, both my mom and my dad are more Independent rather than Democrat or Republican.Then there is me, sitting on a fence where I am in between Independent and Republican, or Independent and Democratic under certain issues. I see myself as moderate because of how open to each side of the political spectrum. I tend to fall as a conservative on most Social Issues, more moderate in the Providing of Public Services, and moderate but leaning more towards liberal when it come to Regulating the Economy. . The ideas of pro choice v. pro life has been a major controversy between liberals and conservatives for many years. The idea of pro choice is that a woman who is pregnant has the choice on whether or not she may abort her unborn baby if she deems it fit to do so. On the other hand, pro life is the idea that all humans whether they are born or unborn have the god given right that every human deserves life, and that taking away that right is murder. I fall under the Conservative view of pro life, because I believe that if an abortion occurs after a certain time in pregnancy, then you would be murdering that unborn child. This opinion puts me as a conservative on the political spectrum because I believe in pro life. American politician Roy Moore had stated on twitter regarding the 1973 case of Roy v. Wade as not being an established precedent and as a violation of the United States Constitution, “we’re seeing millions of young Americans killed because of abortion” (“Moore”). The only way to decrease debt is to cut the spending of public services. The price for healthcare is absurd because of how much money the government spends to provide healthcare for its citizens. My belief is that if we were to lower the cost of healthcare while still helping fund those who go under very serious medical procedures, then there will be less amount of people that can not afford healthcare. My opinion on the topic of the public service providing healthcare for citizens places me as a moderate on the political spectrum. I agree with the conservative view of cutting public spending on health care and also the liberal view of all citizens should have healthcare. United States Senator Bill Cassidy states, “Under the Cassidy-Collins plan, you would continue to get help” (“Cassidy”). Don’t say anyone can live off welfare, when you never have tried it for yourself. This thing known as minimum wage is the lowest amount of money you can be paid per hour. Most people see welfare being a reason for poorer citizens to not have to work hard to make money, or even sometimes not work at all for that matter. Welfare is the support from the government to those who can not physically support themselves. United States Representative Jan Schakowsky had tried the #LiveTheWage challenge, which is when you try to live off minimum wage for one whole week; Jan Schakowsky had this to say about it on a tweet, “gives me a glimpse into the life of a low wage worker. Point is $7.25 isn’t enough to live on” (“Schakowsky”). The understanding of our political beliefs gives ourselves and teaches us lesson upon further understanding our great nations politics from past, present, and shaping our future. The enrichment of knowledge of your own political beliefs is a great thing because of how involved it makes you be with the world and other people’s opinions. The great thing about opposing sides such as on the political spectrum, it allows there to be differentiating ideas and continuous improvement of thus ideas. With the development of my own political beliefs, I will have a greater understanding of how to contribute to the public by sharing ideas and being more informed and involved when it comes to voting. In Conclusion the continuous cycle of knowledge and opinions formed by the people of today’s generation will be passed down to future generations allowing them and so on to improve our country even more.