Guatemala Constitution Notes Essay


The preamble of the country of Guatemala states that our constitution is made to help protect the people and their security. It may say that protects someone but unlike most it protects that person and their family. With virtually the same protections for people as America’s preamble states with living in Guatemala you can feel the same security as the people of America. As a person in Guatemala you want to grow and develop. Life is an amazing thing to have protected along with liberty, justice, security, and peace because it helps fulfill the preamble’s statement of your growth because with all of these things protected you can grow and maybe have your chance to fulfill the constitution of your people in government in the future. One of the things that our constitution has that most other countries constitutions don’t have is the name of god in the preamble and invoking that he is real by saying your spiritual and ancestral rights are also very real. The preamble also supports my heritage and my culture and the perspectives these things bring me.

Description of Government

The country of Guatemala has a legislative branch as one of the building blocks of the country’s government. The country’s congress has its legislative power in elections of deputies such as governors and mayors. The departments of Guatemala’s republic have a district of all their electorally and they have a deputy for each district which is like a governor or mayor of that district. The annual session of Congress starts January 14 of each year, without notice. The congress will meet in regular session of January 14 to May 15 and from August 1 to November 30 of each year. Will meet in special session when convened by the Standing Committee or by the executive to learn the issues that prompted. Issues are resolved in congress through votes and to win these votes you must have absolute majority so you need around seventy-five percent of the vote for you to win. The congress is supposed to keep mayor or governor recommendation in high priority but it does not stop them from having to go up for reelection at the end of their term. Even if relatives of the president are really good politicians they may not run for office because of their relation to the president this goes through the presidents family down to second cousins anywhere beyond are allowed to run for office.

Rights of Citizens

Guatemalans must defend and serve their country by making suren that other citizens follow the same rules and procedures as they must follow. All Guatemalans have the right to health and the joy that comes with it such as not being sick and being treated without worrying that the hospital wont except you because of different reasons. They also have the right to and education and in Guatemala education is made free by the government. One of the many rights I like about Guatemala is the right to creative expression which means you can write a book or make a piece of art and no matter how controversial it is you will be able to keep it because you have the right to do so. The right that native Guatemalans like the most is the right to cultural heritage because if inheriting a piece of land from a relative is part of your culture but because your name isn’t in a will you can have the piece of land because it is your right to inherit this from your relative through your culture.

Division of Powers

Guatemala’s government is divided into three pieces the legislative executive and judicial branch which is a small piece of the government but is still part of it. A majority of the time the legislative branches congress will meet to come up with resolutions to problems in the country. One of the tiny flaws is that from the day that a person is elected whether it be a deputy or the president himself they are granted total and complete immunity from arrest or trial. In congress they are granted the power to open and close their sessions.

They can give someone the presidency by granting them possession. They can also accept the resignation of a president which would make the presidency vacant and they can decline which is basically making the president stay president against his own will which there are very few ways for someone to get out of that. Even though there are three branches the branch that has the most of its powers expressed in the constitution would have to be the legislative branch that have sixteen sections expressing their power which take up ten pages of the constitution. But there is stiil very much power in the executive and judicial branch.

Role in Global Community

Guatemala’s role in the international community is very un-noticeable because they do such things as add to the global communities variety of religion and ethnicities but they do not engage in what could be a global conflict. Guatemala was one of the countries who signed the UN charter and they have many allies. When they meet with the security council they tend to “Hang Out” with most of, if not all, south and central America. When in their caucusing blocks thay are part of the biggest group which is group one. Guatemala and the United States of America are very good allies and great trading countries. Guatemala has good trade with many countries probably because they have some of the best fruits and vegetables along with some of the best coffee in the world. The reason is that most of the labor in the country comes from agriculture and they are very good farmers in Guatemala. Guatemala is one of the pieces of land that people travel through maybe to get to