Gun Control Essay

Gun ControlNowadays the problem of gun control is a matter of constant debates not only in Congress, but among the common people. The efficacy of gun control is under discussion and certain actions have been taken to provide gun regulation. For example, proponents of gun control assume that in such a way criminals and juveniles will be restricted from getting firearms because availability of guns would be significantly reduced. Nevertheless, the opponents of gun control claim that criminals would find new ways to get firearms.

Furthermore, control “often creates burdens for law-abiding citizens and infringe upon constitutional rights provided by the Second Amendment”. (Cooper 2002)Actually, the issue of gun control is rather two-folded and it is difficult to decide whether it is effective or not as every side of the debate has pros and cons. Nevertheless, I think that guns are the primary source of crimes and, thus, I will the position that gun control should be introduced for monitoring and reducing crime rates. If to pass restrictive laws, the number of people who have guns will be reduced and, consequently, the number of murders and other crimes will be reduced as well. It is known that guns are aimed at killing and people should be prevented from temptation by federal laws.Also people may feel safer when no guns are available at home.

There were many cases when people being infuriated and raged killed their family members. However, if they hadn’t had gun at home, their family would have been alive. A murderer will regret later, but nothing will be changed and he is the only person to be blamed. Further, people nowadays are rather irritated and having guns in public place may lead to skirmish.

People carrying guns think they are provided with more freedom and rights and, therefore, in certain situations they won’t think about the consequences of their actions taken. To reduce the number of crimes the government has to implement the following restrictions: if a person buys gun, he should wait for a week to “cool off”; to increase gun taxes to prevent criminals from purchasing them; gun sales should be reduced to one-two per month, etc. I think that easily available guns are the source of high criminal rates. Moreover, gun makers should be warned that people may use their guns for criminal actions and, therefore, makers must be liable if an innocent person is hurt. If to provided gun control the suicide rate would decrease as well. Human psyche works in a way that people with guns can’t be trusted.

Nevertheless, the suggestions and claims of gun control opponents are also relevant and it is necessary to present them to have clear idea about guns. Opponents claim that guns aren’t used solely for criminal purposes; instead, thousands of guns are used for target shooting, official competitions and historical plays. According to statistics, about 90 million gun owners have no desire to kill.

They assume that gun owners are more law-abiding because carrying a gun is a responsibility that can’t be ignored and neglected. For example, in Texas and Florida gun owners are more lawful than average citizens. Guns are the primary source of protection for common people. When a person is attacked by a criminal, gun is the safest way of self-defense. There is an idea to dial 911, though the criminal won’t wait till police arrests him and, therefore, police is often several minutes late. Moreover, timely protection isn’t provided. And one policeman for 20 thousand people won’t provide proper protection and security.It is claimed that “crime was lower when guns were easier to buy before 1968, when you could buy a gun with no paperwork and walk out with it”.

The costs of gun control may be the following: increase in 1-2 million crimes annually; the number of home robberies and car-jackings will be increased; a number of fatalities will be higher among citizens rather then criminals, etc. The Founding Father allowed people to be well-armed and the Second Amendment announces: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. (Cooper 2002) Therefore, I think it is up to everybody to decide whether gun control should be implemented.ReferencesCooper, Jeff. (2002, January 27). Taking On Gun Control – Viewpoints:  Pro and Con in Gun Debates. Retrieved July 19, 2007, from