The American peep and Constitution Essay

On one hand people think we should just all together ban guns; that worked out so well when the overspent ban Ned alcohol during the prohibition. On the other hand, we should have more guns , because throwing more wood at a fire makes it go out. Unfortunately there is no clear winner in this argument because they both bring up good points; so lets find a happy medium. The go Vermont should have stricter laws on the selling and use Of firearms, but should not ban small arms in the SACS. We live in a country that is lorded over by a piece of paper written in 1 787 call deed the Constitution (Gillian, H.

Johnny). In this document is something called a Bill of Rights which notations a list of amendments to the constitution. The second amendment pee retains to guns and is as follows: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free SST ate, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed (Gillian, H. Johnny). D efferent people interpret it different ways. Some say that this means just the militia and not n aroma people; while others say that it pertains to every person in the United States. It’s 27 words a ND it has more interpretations than Greek mythological stories.

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What the amendment says the cough , taking the iterate translation of the second part, is every person should and will be allow d to own and keep guns no matter what. But just like with the first amendment being the freedom m of speech and the government making it against the law to yell fire in a crowded place (lawyers. C mm), the second amendment has to have its restrictions too. Those restrictions include backer mound checks for guns purchases (FBI. Gob), but there is a way to get around this check and that I s buying them at gun shows. In this article the interviewer asked a former gang member how t hey got the guns the used.

He responded with “Most of the weapons that were used were coming f room the gun show. ” he elaborated by saying that, at 15, he was able to go to these shows and leave e with 67 guns (Willis, Tiffany). A simple fix to this is to make it a law that all firearm sales are to use background checks. They can make these databases or programs that check background information available for purchase by these gun shows or anybody selling GU NSA. That would be a winning because then the government would be getting money from people b eying these programs and the shows would be selling to gang members less.

What are guns used for mainly besides crime? Self defense. Now ask yourself are criminals labeling citizens? Are you a labeling citizen? Now, if the govern meet banned all guns then you would most likely hand your guns over, but would the crime anal? Even if criminals did hand their guns over don’t think that they can get it another way; drugs are illegal but can’t a person go out a get them relatively easily? Banning guns woo old only hurt labeling citizens (Greer, Michael). There is a town called Keenness in George a that passed a rather unusual law in 1982.

Said law required that the head of the household has to keep a firearm in their house at all times, exempting those who had criminal records or religious objections. Overnight, the crime rate dropped substantially and 7 months late r, the crime rate was 89% of what it was before the law (ecclesia. Org). This was not just an isolated case. On July 9, 201 3 Chicago, IL passed a bill that allowed concealed carry, with a permit AFC ours, and they experienced their lowest murder rate since 1958. Overall their crime rate has gone down by 25% (Horton, Jason).

Although correlation does not mean causation, I believe it s safe to say that the new bill may have a little something to do with this. And since these thing s are starting to gain traction pronoun control people are having to resort to threats to keep big people away from their competitors side. Jay Leno was invited to the National Shooting Sports F inundations gun show in Lass Vegas and was going to, but he was immediately attack on social media by people saying “He values profit over human lives”(National Review). Unfortunately HTH s was enough to scare him off the trip.

Now for everyone still saying that banning guns is really important because the eye are used to kill people, I have a little video to show you. Go to youth. Com and search for a video title Debating a Gun Control Fanatic, then click on the first link. Although this video isn’t perfect because the interviewee is a bit of a zealot, it does touch on a pretty good poi NT. Guns are not the only instrument used in the unholy and untimely expiration date of the human n life(Guardian, Anthony). Some people use knives, hammer, and even their own fists. So gun s are not the only problem? I guess not.

The problem is in how humans use the tools that they h eve. Firearms should have a stricter control on how they are sold and used, but an y small arm firearms should be legal. The second amendment protects the American peep Ii and their ownership of firearms. When guns are more prevalent crime rates go down b cause criminals are less willing to take the chance of a bystander having a gun. Guns are not the p robber. The problem lies with the people who misuse the tools of this era.