GWU Application Essay

            All my life I have been groomed to enter into the world of business. My father, one of the biggest influences in my life, inspired me to study business. I one day dream of taking over the business he built. It is my wish that one day I will be able to make it grow to greater heights. This is the reason why I am actively pursuing a degree in accounting for I know that the knowledge I will gain from such course will greatly help me in fulfilling my dreams.

            It is the same reason why I have decided to apply for transfer into the George Washington University. I believe that GWU offers one of the best business programs in the United States. Its undergraduate programs are among the most renowned programs in the country. GWU continues to be among the top 50 colleges in the nation. This is the reason why I am very much interested in studying in this school. I believe that with such renowned programs, GWU can give me the foundation in business that I need to fulfill my dreams and aspirations. It will give me the knowledge and skills that I need to become a successful businessman and successor to my father.

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            Also, GWU is known to be culturally diverse. This was an important consideration for me since I am a Korean. I want an atmosphere conducive to learning. I want a school that accepts international students with open arms and treats them equally with others. It is only in such atmosphere that, I believe, genuine learning can take place.

            Finally, I strongly believe that GWU is the school for me because it has the same values that I have. The school gives much importance to social responsibility and establishing a good relationship with the community. Having seen how my grandparents and my parents went out of their way to aid the people in need, I want to study in a school that has the same values.

            It is for these reasons that I have decided to apply in GWU. I put great value to a good education. Thus, I seek out a school that can provide me with such. Furthermore, I want my learning experience to be as eventful and as enriching as possible. Coming to know what George Washington University is all about, I realized that it is the school I want to pursue my studies in.