Habit Burger Essay

Habit Burger is a relatively small chain of burger joints in California. With their first location in Goleta, near Santa Barbara, they expanded quickly all over California. They are in between fast-food and upscale restaurant. The size of the burgers are similar to In-n-out burgers but the venues and services are well above the standard of any fast-food joint. In 1969 as a young 16 year old, Brent Reichard went to work for the habit burger grill in Santa Barbara. Four years later, after he fell in love with the grill, Brent and his brother took a risk and bought the Habit.

The two brothers rebuilt the venue and burgers from bottom to top. They knew that the secret of a great burger was fresh ingredients and attention to detail. Custom made buns from local bakery, hand cut vegetables, fresh meat and fish and the charbroiler made their burgers unique. The Charburger was born and along with the burger came the attention of the community. The attention to quality and flavor lead to several other burgers, inspired by the location of the Grill, with line-caught tuna and chicken they expanded their menu considerably.

Their slogan “there’s no substitute for quality” and the Reichard brothers’ passion for tasty burgers, has been the base of success for 40 years. The slowly expanding Santa Barbara-based burger empire showing real competition to In-N-Out and Five Guys, recently opened a joint in Huntington Beach, its sixth restaurant in Orange County. The Habit Burger Grill had opened their first doors in 1969. Ever since the fist location in Santa Barbara, the Reichard brothers have been expanding immensely all over the Californian state.

From one location to 68 nowadays, the growth of the Habit Burger Grill is proof for the success. 49 locations were opened in a time range of 42 years, which was a steady growth of approximately one new location each year. For the past few years The Habit Burger Grill has been expanding increasingly more than one location a year. In 2012 the Habit Burger Grill went from 60 locations to 68, but it doesn’t end there, they were planning to increase locations by 16 in the year of 2012.

It is to be expected that numbers of locations will continue to rise in 2012 and early 2013. Habits chief development officer stated in the Phoenix business journal that they “like to be located in a daily-needs shopping center where there’s a drugstore, grocery store or other fast-casual restaurants”, which shows the interest in the success and growth of the company in the upcoming years. The habit burger Grill has grown faster each year with new locations all over California.