Hamlet Compared to the Movie Essay

Wyatt Fairchild English 12 Hamlet Paper 2-27-12 Hamlet Movie Compared to the Play Many movies that are played to this day that are about books or plays show extreme differences from each other. The movie Hamlet and the play The Tragedy Hamlet Prince of Denmark is one example of a movie following a play/book very closely. By following the play so closely, the movie helps show people Shakespeare’s work of art.In the movie about Hamlet, the director did a great job on interpreting it so closely to the original text of Shakespeare’s Hamlet During the movie of Hamlet, the director used exact quotes from the play, exact actions, and put all the specific parts in the right order to make a movie exactly like the play was meant to be. One specific major part in the play that was used exactly in the movie was Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” speech.

In the movie they had Mel say this speech word for word. This speech is very important in the play because it talks about whether or not Hamlet should kill himself or not. Another specific part in the play that was showed in the movie was at the end how everyone died. In the movie, they showed exactly how every single person died the same way as in the play.

Also at the end of the play, Fortinbras was chosen King of Denmark by Hamlet as he was dying.In the movie, there was no sign of Fortinbras or anyone taking over the throne of King of Denmark. The movie of Hamlet follows Shakespeare’s play so close that the movie could be used as the play itself. The play of Hamlet is a very difficult piece of literature that for the movie to follow it so close was an astounding task they did. The movie Hamlet and play will be one of the few movies about book/plays that was followed pretty much exactly word for word.