Hard Work Does Pay Off Essay

Being brought up in a house full of hard working American citizens where each person helped the world positively in a different way has helped implant positive ethics and values into my overall character.

As a child all I could remember was how hard my family worked. My father would work overtime at General Motors, while my mother would put her love for creativity into people’s homes by wallpapering and painting. Growing up in this type of atmosphere allowed me several advantages.I could have basically anything I wanted, from a new desktop computer to even an inground pool, my parents were good providers for my other three siblings and myself. Besides being able to have materialistic things while growing up, I was able to learn good ethics and values by watching my parents. I myself started working at the age of 14 years and 8 months which was the youngest I could legally start working.

So excited to start working for this photography company, I actually called the owner of the company to my house to fill out the required legal forms so I could start working the next day.I started to gain work experience and those hard working ethics learned during childhood were put into motion which showed as the photography company valued my employment with a raise and as many hours that I could legally work. I continued my employment focused not so much on the money, although that was a plus, but more so on bettering myself and becoming a manager which was my goal. Two jobs down the road and at the age of 18, I entered the Burger King Management program which I have been doing for over seven years now at the busiest Burger King in Lansing.As you are aware managing is not for everyone. Some people are born to be managers and have the skills needed, good work ethics and of course strong positive values required to manage people, while others are born to be managed.

Working for BK has allowed me to see hundreds of workers come and go, each with their own positives and negative work ethics. Sometimes I wonder why other parents in the world do not give their children the positive work ethics and values needed to grow up positively in the world.Granted Burger King does pay minimum wage, we sometimes do find “good” team members and BK repays them by increasing their pay as they become more knowledgeable and productive. Fast forward to present time and some positive things have happened in my life over the past year but all of them are from working very hard. While trying to get my first house at the age of 24, I had to work over sixty hours per week plus run my online businesses which took up another fifteen hours to achieve the goal.For months I was extremely tired but knew that working hard would pay off, which now it has.

Often time’s my friends will come over and actually admire what I have achieved over the years. One friend came over to my newly achieved house and asked “How old are you again? ” I shared with him that I was 24 and he just shook his head with amazement. He went on explaining that he could not attain the extra perks in life I had because of his parents.I’m not sure if blaming his parents was the best thing to prove his case because I know his parents personally and know for a fact that they do provide for their son and try to push him to do better and get a better job but he just does not seem to comprehend their message. I tried to build my friends self esteem by sharing with him that by working hard he could accomplish anything he wanted too as well.

I try to never brag about things I have accomplished because I was not brought up that way, however it’s nice to share positive stories with friends and family about my successes and struggles and how I’ve come about.In conclusion, are there things in your life that you have always wanted or feel you could not achieve them? What about that job you have always dreamed about or that expensive car you thought was out of your reach and in another “league”? I live my life everyday with the mindset that I can have just about anything that I want and I’m not afraid to take risks and go for it. Although some goals may seem unrealistic to you, odds are what your wishing to accomplish are within your reach and with a little hard work you’ll achieve them.