Harra s Case Essay

Hurrah’s was one of the first casino company’s listed on the NYSE. A company like Hurrah’s must ensure they understand each stakeholders investment in the company as well as their role. Many of the stakeholders have a direct role in the organizations performance, SUCCeSS and progress as the company is constantly being improved. They are constantly working on updating their rules and policies, internal systems, strategic plans, and processes to ensure they are meeting / exceeding their stakeholders expectations and demands.

Business Culture Hurrah’s understands that they must implement their internet capabilities as ell as their real-time communication to incorporate ultimate services for their time customers as well as their regular loyal customers. They implement their newly created / launched website to create a strong collaboration within the company while maintaining the casino company’s brand image and customer value. Organizations Hurrah’s has an organizational culture consisting of a president, vice president and individual department heads overseeing the company’s structure and operations.

There are also different level managers through the casino who oversee the everyday service and operations. There are information technology specialists who specifically work on the online structure and maintenance of the Hurrah’s website including their online total rewards program. Hurrah’s has established their Total Gold later known as Total Rewards which was a system for tracking, retaining and rewarding its players regardless of the casino location, this rewards program was to provide incentives and rewards for their loyal customers.

Additionally, customers were able to access their accounts online on the company website. Customers were also provided customized advertisements to ensure they turned for future events and promotions. The total rewards program offers Hurrah’s loyal customers free entertainment, food vouchers and hotel accommodations as well as merchandise for redeeming their casino points. Strategies Hurrah’s introduced a pilot program that provides information on each of their customers playing behavior.

The casino has the capabilities to maintain real-time information on the actions of every cardholders and uses that retrieved information to determine individual’s financial weaknesses. This financial weakness determines the limits to which a customer is willing to tock playing and leave the casinos. At which point, the company’s dispatchers provide an alert notice a staff member which notifies him/her to greet, provide incentives and free meals / drinks or even a bonuses of money added to their customer loyalty card.

Their strategy is to try and encourage the customer to stay, enjoy and try again to win money at the casinos. Information technology has been implemented and upgraded for the company as they re-launched Hurrah’s. Com site which features the company’s total rewards program. Customers are now able to conduct online gaming, ash in on their rewards points and interact with the company to book hotel accommodations through the website. Originally, the company’s individual properties had created and developed their own marketing sites, which left minimal identity to the original Hurrah’s casino brand.

The new site allows for customers to receive offers from Hurrah’s, Showboat, and ROI properties simply by the information provided under the customer’s personal account information. Each customer is provided customized advertisement and promotions with benefits and complimentary offers for various Hurrah’s casino locations. Hurrah’s strategy is to provide personalized relations with their customers unlike any of their other competition in the industry. Hurrah’s targets the 70% of its customers who play at casinos in various markets.

They understand that those loyal customers who play in various markets have more expendable budgets that single market players and they are more frequent casino visitors. They customize their loyal customer marketing campaigns to intrigue them to come back and play again in hopes to make up for monies lost. The company understands that the happier the customers re the more loyal they will be. Value Providers Hurrah’s is leader in the industry due on the fact that they truly understand and accommodate their customers.

They treat each individual with customized treatment depending on their amount of loyalty to the company. Those who are regular customers are provided additional first class treatment while others are still valued and respected but simply at another level. The $9 billion dollar company was recognized as a market leader in the Forbes and Business week in regard to its mission to build lasting relationships with its customers. This company is going for more of personalized customer service, which encourages people to stay and play longer while spending more.

Their regular gambling customers have grown to trust Hurrah’s, appreciated and understand the way of doing business. They appreciate their consistent value and know it extremely reliable and consistent. Hurrah’s simply focuses in on their loyal customers know that those lasting relationships will lead to gradual profit growth. Strategic Changes In order for Hurrah’s to maintain its current level of superior customer service hey must consider some strategic changes. When it comes to their technological services it would be recommended that the company ensure their customers understand the online capabilities.

The company should have online promotions and advertisements only for those customers who visit the website. Whether it’s an online print out (coupon), a smartened barded scanner coupon or by signing up on the website to receive simple text updates on your cell phone for the latest on Hurrah’s casino player offerings. Additionally, if the company had more automatic systems like money neuters, Atoms and services that would speed up certain processes for customers, they would spend less time waiting in lines than playing time.

The superior customer service should be provided in areas that are extremely important like hotel check-in, the bar, money cash in and concierge. Hurrah’s understands the value of quality customer service so it would be recommended that they have continual trainings and educations programs for their employees. These types of training and program can provide their employees with an opportunity to grow and move up within the organization. 4. Do customers (level 4) perceive value as unsatisfactory, satisfactory, or superior? Why?

Which attributes do customers value that are not receiving adequate attention by the organization? Hurrah’s understands that the most profitable customers are their loyal, happy customers. The company encourages their employees to provide most superior customer service. They even provide incentives and rewards for their employees and C-suite executives. Those customers who indicated they were happy with the casino’s customer service increased their spending by 24 percent per year, while those ho reported disappointed decreased their spending by 10 percent.

They pride themselves in knowing that their customers will continue playing at their various casino locations as long as they feel they are valued as customer and are enjoying the environment/ service. Customers are looking for reliable, persistent and dependable service. Hurrah’s business performance, when reviewed and evaluated is perceived to be extremely superior in the industry. They understand the value of providing superior customer service and understand the importance of creating and maintaining loyal customers.