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Harry Dobrow #4 12/12/2017Science News Articlehttps://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/alligators-arent-just-freshwater-animalsThe article that I am publishing is called “Alligators aren’t just freshwater animals” by Sarah Zielinski. The company who owns this article is Science News. The people in this article that are most important are James Nifong and Russell Lowers. The article is about how alligators will go into saltwater to catch its prey. Alligators are just like humans when it comes to saltwater. They can go in it, but their skin will get irritated and they will go slower that when they do when they are in freshwater. This article was recorded on December 6, 2017. The studies and findings, however, were started as early as the late 1990’s. These events have been happening mostly in the southern United States. These are happening because the people that are observing this want this to be a “scientific discovery”, and that means that that could be the next big thing. There were images of the events where the alligators were eating the other “saltwater” animals. Here are 2 facts from the article:Alligators are just like humans when it comes to being in the saltwater.The alligators will only go in saltwater if they need to find prey.I chose this article because it was a last resort. I picked three articles. The first choice was out of date. The second choice was out of date. The third one was not. That is the reason why I chose this article. This news relates to science because it has to do with animals and their food chain, which has to do with Life Science. It could be beneficial if someone was about to get their leg bitten off by an alligator. Someone might apply this to their everyday life if they were an ecologist. It is important that someone is studying this news if they were about to go into saltwater lakes or oceans. It is already shared publicly, but we can put something similar to this in a social media post.