“Hassan! save for the sound of every breath

“Hassan! Hassan! Come back with it!” Amir Agha called.As soon I as I heard Amir, I was already turning the street corner with my rubber boots kicking up the white snow.”For you a thousand times over!” I screamed delightfully, forming a smile.I chased the kite through the snowy roads. Cold and tired, I continued to chase the kite until I reached the end of the alley with the blue kite sitting on piles of scrap and rubble. The whole alleyway was silent, save for the sound of every breath I spat out. Then it happened. I saw Assef at a distance. I can feel shocking fear running through my back. Why now? How could this happen to me and why does Assef have to do this? I don’t know what to do, and multiple thoughts race through my head. But I don’t care what they are going to do to me and my body. All I want to do is to return home with the winning kite in my hands, so Agha Sahib will finally be proud of Amir Agha. I have always felt that Amir Agha wanted approval from Agha Sahib. Whenever Agha Sahib gave me a compliment or thanked me for something, Amir treated me differently. He played tricks on me or seemed to ignore me. I also thought Amir Agha blamed himself for killing his mother, who died during his birth. This probably made his desire for Agha Sahib’s approval. This kite will help Amir Agha resolve his guilt over his mother’s death. I have always felt some similar sympathy in each of our situations as my mother left me after five days of my birth. So I knew very well that Amir Agha thinks that this kite, the kite in my hands, will get Agha Sahib’s approval and forgive Amir for what he thinks Amir has caused. I recall back to when Assef tried to attack Amir Agha, saying that he is also responsible for being so close to a Hazara like me. To protect Amir, I took out my slingshot and pulled the rubber towards Assef with all my might, only to save my friend, Amir. So no matter what, I am going to block Assef from taking this kite away from my hands and protect Amir like I did last time. But I feel my heart pounding in my chest as Assef approaches me, getting closer and closer. Pain knocks me down to the cold, snowy ground and I can feel my own breath reflecting from the empty floor and the shivering breeze hits my face. “Someone please save me…someone.. anyone… ” All I wanted to do was to bring the kite back to Amir. I miss the days when Amir Agha and I used to run up a hill to a pomegranate tree, where Amir used to read me books under the shade. Amir would always teach me words that I didn’t know while reading books until the sun went down. Why can’t we turn back time to the good old days when we were both happy and carefree? What has caused such changes in us and our peace? We used to have tears of joy running down our cheeks, but now, I only have tears of fear and despair. Amir’s laugh was carefree and it would always comfort me. I really hope I can see his laughter again, it has always brought joy to my life. We were best friends, no, we were brothers.I can still feel the warmth of the sun glistening against my skin, and after all of this, I will be able to feel it again. I will have tears of joy running down my cheeks with Amir’s laugh comforting me. Everything will be fine after all of this. I will return home with Amir Agha and his kite in my hands. Everyone will be happy. Amir will gloriously walk in with his kite, and Agha Sahib will finally be proud of him and Amir will finally receive approval from Agha Sahib. All of us will celebrate the victory of Amir Agha. On the cold floor, I feel the sorrow consuming me inside. What have I done wrong to be in such a situation? I wish I can wipe out the last few minutes and completely forget about the pain and horror I am going through. But even though I’m going through such things, my attitude of treating Amir Agha will not change. Not just now, but forever! I will remain the same as I was because Amir would have done the same for me. As a servant of Amir Agha and Agha Sahib, I will remain loyal and kind to them. Amir Agha will do the same for me and we will forever remain not only friends but brothers. No matter what, I will sacrifice myself for him and I will always remain a good brother.