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Have you ever tried to heat your house with solar panels? For my science fair project, I will be studying how solar panels can produce heat to make things warmer. My hypothesis is that the longer I keep the heating lamp on the solar panel, the hotter it will make the floor of the house.For my experiment I will be creating a solar panel by putting black aluminum on a piece of wood. The reason for this is because black attracts sunlight and aluminum heats quickly. I will put the solar panel on the outside of a small house standing up on a stand. There will be a clear tube wrapping around the solar panel. The tube will then run to the floor of the house and wrap around at the bottom. The floor of the house will be covered in concrete. This tube will have a pump connecting to it that will push the water through the tube. Then a heat lamp will be hitting the solar panel which will then heat the water inside the tube, on the solar panel. The hot water inside the tube will then flow to the bottom of the house and heat that. I will then repeat this, but I will spray paint the entire solar panel black to test if it heats quicker or hotter. After each half an hour in two hours I will test the temperature of the floor of the house, the outside of the house, the solar panel, and the water bucket. This will be repeated painted black. This is called hydronic radiant floor heating.The way a solar panel works is by using sunlight. When the sun hits the solar panel it will send electrons that will go into some cells inside the solar panel. This will create power. “Our planet has only a limited supply of oil and coal. We can use the sunlight, which never loses energy and is always right there for you” (Hantula 4-5). Solar panels use the sun to make there energy. They never have to use batteries or charges to make things work. Sometimes solar panels can be there if your electricity happens to go out in the daytime. You can have a solar panel in your yard or on your house to re-power lights or heating systems. In the daytime you could have solar panels running, then when the sun goes down you could have your gas powered systems power on.Radiant heating is a heating method people use to heat their houses sometimes. Radiant energy can heat indoor and outdoor surfaces. “It is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than forced-air heating because it eliminates duct losses (“Radiant Heating”). Radiant heating is better for people with allergies because it will not make you have an allergic reaction like a forced air system will. There are three types of radiant heating: air-heated radiant floors, electric radiant floors, and hydronic radiant floors. I will be doing hydronic radiant floors for my project. Hydronic radiant floors heating is the best radiant heating to use in very hot weather. In hydronic radiant floors people pump hot water into a tube that is placed under a floor in a house. The hot water is able to heat the floor because the tube is fitted in a mat under the floor. Radiant heating is a smart way to stay warm. I figured out that solar panels can heat a house using sunlight energy. For my results, everything ended up going up in temperature, but sometimes they would drop a little bit. The water heated the house and was very warm. My solar panel was too hot to touch sometimes. My hypothesis was partly right and partly wrong. I was correct that the longer the solar panel is in the sunlight the hotter it will make the water and house. I was wrong that the completely black solar panel will be hotter than the partly black solar panel. Since both the tubes and solar panel were black on the second try, they didn’t absorb the heat. They just reflected the heat back off and didn’t make the water inside hotter. When the tubes were clear the heat would bounce off the black aluminum and heat the inside of the tube. The relationship between the variables didn’t change anything because the black spray paint did not work like I thought. I had a good experimental procedure about trying the black spray paint. One change I would make is that when I put the roof back on the house I would make sure that it is completely on so heat doesn’t escape. Overall, my results came out good and the experiment was a success.