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Have you ever tried to help the children that have been abused or ever tried to prevent it?The statistics in Ohio are terrible.Child abandonment and child endangerment are problems that have been only growing.And worst of all what can children do to stop their nightmare.Child abuse is a major issue that must stop as soon as possible.         Ohio is a state where child abuse is visible.Over thousands of cases have been reported. “CLEVELAND, Ohio — Each year in Ohio, child protective service agencies across the state substantiate more than 30,000 cases of child abuse and neglect.”This clearly proves that child abuse is occurring all over Cleveland Ohio.Not only that but women have been going to this too. “More than 65,000 women were abused by an intimate partner in the home, and more than 48,000 kids witnessed this type of violence.”         Child endangerment and abandonment is common in Ohio too.Child endangerment is when a child is physically or verbally abused.Child abandonment is when a parent leaves their child deserted or alone by themselves.To figure out if that is happening to a child is if that child is afraid to tell what is happening in their lives or if someone is actually abusing them. “It’s not always easy to recognize when a child has been abused. Children who are abused are often afraid to complain because they are fearful that they will be blamed or that no one will believe them.”         There are many different ways that children can or have been abused.For example child abuse can be physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual.People abuse their children is mostly because they have been abused in their childhood.Which makes them want to make their children go through what they went through.This could be prevented by being helpful to neighbors or relatives.Or report all actions of that kind.Resources that are available to abused people is the child protective service agencies.Once a child is abused the abuser will be brought to court and if proven guilty he or she will be resulted with a certain amount of time in jail.         Child abuse has been proven one of the biggest issues in the world.Statistics in Ohio are bad.Child abandonment and endangerment is also bad.And resources are limited to children who are being abused.Report child abuse if you see it and help anyone in need.