Have on TV but once you get

Have you ever
dream of visiting Los Angeles? Does Hollywood excite you? If yes then hold that
thought right away and read this blog, even I was surprisingly shocked after
living here and discovering the facts about LA, Yes they call it LA locally, It
is comprised of multiple cities
Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu, I know places have their good and bad
points. Every big city looks good on TV but once you get there and have to work
as opposed to going on vacation, it’s a different ball game. TV has glamorized
L.A. Places like LA actually make it more difficult for you to be happy. Let’s
find out why say no LA.

1.     Zero

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The bus connectivity is not frequent, No direct
trains to many destinations, you really have to walk a lot even to reach the
station. All you have to do is hire a rental car, book Uber, Yellow cab or Lyft
for you and trust me car renting is also way much more expensive then you
think. In short forget about public transportation if you are coming here.
There is no facility in LA.


2.     Crazy

LA has
traffic all day everyday and everywhere even at 2.00 am on weekends, don’t get
pissed off you can’t do anything about just deal with it. Don’t get road rage.
You must have heard about big freeways in LA, traffic goes high even on 8 lanes
big free way. You can’t reach anywhere on time because of traffic and tourist
who are renting car it becomes more expensive for them.

3.     Most

 Food, gas, living cost  and tax are killing local people here in LA,
In compare to east coast everything is almost having a double price here, For
visitors, you have to pay for parking wherever you go, some places charges 15$
per hour. If you are vegetarian you will only find Pizza and Mexican food in
your plate and that to way expensive. Specially we Indians are having a habit
of multiplying everything by 60, this leads to think us more expensive also.

4.     Money

If you are
dreaming of meeting Hollywood starts, buying latest fashion cloths or visiting
world’s most fascinating and exciting places then hold your heart beat, There
are nothing more exciting about LA, All the tourist places which your travel
agents are showing you or the pitchers you are looking at internet, Trust me,
All tourist destinations are not much exciting, except few, There is nothing to
see in Hollywood sign there are no bulbs now as earlier it used to be, Beaches
are good attraction but you can’t go inside the water is freezing it’s so cold,
Hollywood blvd nothing to see, you may find tourist taking selfish and walking
in bulk, Its too dirty you never want to visit again in life, Los Angeles doesn’t have a center and
Downtown LA is full of homeless people staying on the roads. There nothing to
see in downtown LA,

5.     No


Christmas, Don’t get wonder if someone just comes on skating board and snatch
you phone or purse because it very common in LA. Don’t think of getting your
money back if someone randomly calls you and introduced them self as FBI
officer, Tax Officer or Immigration Authority, they will ask you give some
money or else they will put you behind the bars for no reasons or any other
life threat and you report this to local police station or directly to FBI, No
one will help you or listen to you, The response will be It’s LA it happens
forget and move on.


Everyone has
different point of view and I have shared mine, what life is in LA as I am
living here every day and dealing with it. May be some people find it easy to
deal with it and fit in easily, Let me know your views in comment section