Have mobile phones caused more problems in our society that benefits they have brought? Essay

First of all, Mobile phone has many disadvantages to human health. According to researchers, the electromagnetic waves are the cause of insomnia, difficulty in concentration, fatigue, headache, rise in blood pressure and cancer. The American Journal of Epidemiology published a study from research author Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, a cancer specialist at Tel Aviv University found people who use a mobile phone for hours a day are 50 per cent more likely to develop mouth cancer than those who do not talk on them at all.

In 2002 Dr Mercola also found that people who used cell phones were 2 and a half times more likely to have a temporal brain tumor on the side of the head where they held their phone. Secondly, a mobile phone is a distraction to teachers, classmates and the student who uses it. When a cell phone ringing in the middle of class, the teacher will try to looking for who use mobile phone, thus wasting time. Surprisingly, some students never realize that a cell phone can be an annoyance to anyone, especially the teacher.

That is an answer the question why students can use a mobile phone in class. In addition, students are capable of using their phones to cheat on tests. That means they texting friends to share their answers. Many students also go on the internet on their cell and find the answer. If the student is caught, they will be considered academically dishonest and can get bad results in exams. In fact, the students may not be ready in life because they did not enough knowledge since they cheated their way through school.

The last of disadvantages is the danger of using a mobile phone when driving. A simple Google search will show thousands of accidents from using a mobile phone while driving each year. Last week, Lama and Inna also said about this problem. I believed all people in here agree that using a mobile phone when driving increases the risk of accidents because drivers do not fully focus when talking on a mobile phone. Dr Rothman found the risk of a collision was about 4 times greater when the driver was using the telephone or soon after a call.

All right, we told using a mobile phone has many benefits (such as keep in touch with family & friends, take photos & shoot video and entertainment) and many non-benefits (such as negative health effects, the effect on students in school and mobile phones and driving). Therefore, each person should use the mobile phone in the right place at the right time. If we do that, it can reduce many problems in our society.