Have ant and how fascinating it is.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as an ant and not a human being. Well its starts with the evolution of the ant and how fascinating it is. The work of the ant and how much the workers do around the nest and far away from the nest too. What the ant can do with their body and how much it can do is absolutely amazing.The evolution of ants is amazing. The ant starts off as an egg. After some time it becomes a larva. Then once more it transforms but this time into a pupa. The final stage of the ant is the adult which is the most fascinating part. The pupa can transform into three groups based on certain traits. They could turn into the worker, which is female and does all of the work around the nest and gets all the food. The second one is the male. Which is a male ant, they have wings and mate with our last kind of ant. The Queen is the third and last kind of adult ant the pupa could become. It lays eggs and repopulates the nest, has wings, mates with the males, and does no work around the colony. The ants work rate and how hard their work is usually depends on their age. Its common to see younger ants watching and taking care of eggs and larva. A minor ant is usually a forger. A forger is an animal that goes out of its habitat or home to find food and bring it back for the rest of its home and family. The major ants usually stays back to help more around the colony or home of the ant. Druelle 2Ants are amazing creatures and their lifestyle and evolution is very interesting. An ant usually weighs one to five milligrams. Ants can lift up to one thousand times their own weight. The ant hill with the most ants has thirty-million ants. One-hundred-twenty years ago was the first time ants ever evolved. Sixty-million years ants adapted a new diet. Queen ants sleep the longest and that’s why they usually live the longest; at most a couple of decades. In conclusion, Ants are amazing creatures. Some of the ants live super hard lives, like the workers. Although some ants live easy lives, like the queen ants, and the male ants. The life cycle of the ant is amazing and goes through many different and fascinating stages all throughout growing up.