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   Have you ever had a beloved family pet or loved one who got so sick that they passed away? Have you ever wished you could fix their sickness or bring them back? With cloning and gene therapy that may not be the far off. Cloning is a process of producing genetically identical organisms. Gene therapy is the fixing of a genetic problem.     Cloning is the isolation and making of exact copies of a gene usually involving copying a DNA sequence. Cloning is an asexual reproduction method. There are 3 types of cloning in biotechnology: Reproductive, therapeutic, and DNA cloning. Reproductive cloning is a type of cloning for the purpose of creating an exact replication of an organism. Therapeutic cloning is used for medical reasons such as growing organs. While DNA cloning consist of creating many copies of a DNA strand/fragent. Gene therapy is the fixing of a genetic problem. Gene therapy is a trail to treating genetic disease where they find the damaged gene and fix or replace. There are two main types of Gene therapy: Somatic cells and germline therapy. Somatic cell therapy which is seen as the safer of the two therapy because it only affects the targeted cell but have to be done repeatedly over a patient’s life span. Germline therapy helps terminate the faulty gene as whole and stops the possibility of it effecting an offspring it however brings many ethical questions because it is unnatural and referred to as “playing God.” Both are highly priced but cloning can cost more than $1,000 upto $2,000,000 while gene therapy can cost from $373,000 expanding to $1,000,000 depending on where the doctors are treating.A few pros of cloning are organ replacement such as your heart or kidney. It serves as a reproduction substitute, as well as helping scientist with genetic searchers. Some cons for cloning are it can hamper the DNA diversity in human beings. Also it raises many ethical questions and it is very expensive and could put one in debt. Furthermore, pros of gene therapy are that it can eradicate diseases. More pros are that it has been proven to be successful in many different cases , and replaces defective cells. Additionally cons about gene therapy are that though you may be curing one disease you are allowing something else to take its place because there is a chance that changing the genes can cause a mutation to form later on. It is not a permanent solution and has to be repeated throughout a patient’s life, and causes ethical and religious issues. It is unassertive if the pros outweigh the cons but for some it is their only chance for survival.   I think cloning and gene therapy are significant procedures. I believe that cloning is a very questioning method but i wouldn’t be completely against. I think that gene therapy is one of the greatest medical methods that can save many lives. The fact that scientist have actually found a way to take out the bad and replace it with good is completely amazing. But it stills raises many ethical questions for me.   Cloning and the ability to manipulate and modify DNA has increased immensely in recent years. Cloning as a new science, concerns itself with the replication of organism through asexual scientific method creating exact replications of the parent cell. Cloning can allow doctors to take the bone marrow out of your body, clone it and place it into the body of the patient. Gene therapy can be defined as an experimental technique that uses genes to prevent or treat diseases. Gene therapy has the possibility of treating numerous diseases such as sickle cell, leukemia, alzheimer’s among many others by allowing a new gene into the body without doing harm to your body in order to help fight off the disease or cure completely. So yes, cloning and gene therapy may raise many ethical questions and your morales within you but think of all the benefits they have. Would you sacrifice a loved ones life when theres a high chance you can save them with gene therapy?