Having an extremely thought-provoking experience. Seeing my

Having been brought up in two different households I believe it gave me an unbiased outlook on life. I was raised by a single, left winged, bohemian mother, coupled with my more conservative, career minded father, which led me to be open minded towards the diverse values in society. From an early age I started noticing their contradicting principles, work incentives and overall approach to my upbringing. Nonetheless it took me a while to understand they neither were correct nor incorrect, they merely had varying perceptions of life.During my teenage years the financial crisis hit, which sparked my interest for economics. Maturing in a society, recovering from a complete financial meltdown was an extremely thought-provoking experience. Seeing my mother lose her property had a serious impact on me, and urged me to seek an understand of the situation presented to me and how it could have been prevented. I enrolled in the economics department for my matriculation exam, still stimulated by the issues above, . Furthermore, I had from a young age been determined to create and run my own business and felt it was a great preparation. Being able to compare their studies to a scenario happening simultaneously is a big advantage. I remember studying foreign affairs when the government announced their first steps in repealing the currency controls. Likewise contemplating the central bank recovering from borderline hyperinflation, while working an essay on the Icelandic monetary policy. Receiving an award from KPMG for being the top student in accounting and succeeding in multiple economic subjects on my business diploma, boosted my interest and self confidence. Serving as Student Body President in my senior year helped me grow my communication and leadership skills, which I had already been practicing with various social activities all my life. Such as student councils, CISV educational programs, stage performance and more. When leaving Akureyri, my home town, I was honored to accept an award for cultural and democratic work for the society. In school I kept very busy with my studies, part time job, sports and student government. As a deduction methods of organizing assignments came crucial along with the importance of time management and discipline. On top of triggering an interest for mediations, self-examination and philosophy. My other interest are mostly travel, theatre, running, reading and fly fishing. My interest in travels (along with a handful of coincidences) is the reason I started ‘Tripical’, my travel agency, in 2015. Creating and developing my own company, with all the responsibilities that entails, has brought me a fair experience in business, complex problem solving and advanced my communications skills further as co-owner and director of marketing and sales. The agency has grown exponentially and presently we have 5 employees and a gross revenue of GBP 2,100,000. This rapid growth has brought home to me the importance of self discipline and self-awareness and I believe higher education in social science is at this point the right path for me.I seek balance between success in business and a happy-go-lucky lifestyle, while gaining a deeper understanding of people, society and the economy. I have always been very social, and prosper well in intellectually diverse groups. The reason why I aspire to study in an international city like London is that I strive to challenge myself constantly and step out of the comfort-zone steadily enhancing myself . I am very impressed with your programme and hope I have demonstrated sufficiently how my attributes will be a good fit. If accepted I will devote myself l00% to the study of economics and philosophy with an eye to contribute even more to my home country and community.