Having (1 week course). As an assistant, you

Having never been exposed to world of hairdressing through
family or friends, it was only by chance that I met someone who was so
passionate, motivated and inspired by their career in hairdressing at rokk
ebony that their enthusiasm became contagious. A late bloomer, I started my
apprenticeship at age 22 and went from being a sleepy seaside, suburban
kid into this crazy fast paced city life. I was in awe of this beautiful
hidden world of hairdressing and still feel the same way today.

My career highlights to date include:

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Current – rokk ebony, style director, platform artist, creative
team member, junior manager


2016 – Australian Hair Fashion Awards, Finalist for Victorian Hairdresser
of the Year


2016 – Wella Trend Vision, Winner Silver for Creative Vision 


2015 – Wella Trend Vision Colour Vision Finalist (Assistant)


2014 – International Wella Trend Vision, Winner Bronze for Young


2014 – Wella Trend Vision, Winner Gold, Australian Young Talent


2014 – Wella Trend Vision, National Color Finalist (Assistant)


2014 – Wella Trend Vision, National Finalist


2014-15 – Kevin Murphy, Gold Key Session Stylist


2013 – Published in American Crew Face Off Magazine


2012 – Sassoons London, 3 courses: Trilogy cut, (1 week course),
ABC cut, (1 week course), Salon Creative (1 week course).



As an assistant, you are learning in an environment unlike any
other and I believe one to be so much richer and more powerful than any classroom.
Having assisted for previous AHFA finalists with their collections, I was given
the opportunity to experience first-hand the blood, sweat and tears that makes
for brilliant hair artists and it ignited something inside me.  Since then my own collection, UKASE,
has been published in 45 publications around the world.


Alongside my time in the salon, I have also been fortunate enough
to work on some amazing extra-curricular activities like these:


Collins Place Rokk Ebony runway show for 2016/2015 Melbourne
Spring Fashion Week: Curated


Education as a 2015 Wella ambassador in Australia and New Zealand


Work on rokk ebony’s 2014 Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer photo
shoot campaigns


Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is a hairdressers dream and in 2014,
as part of the Kevin Murphy Session Styling team, I was given the honour of
working on the parades for some of Australia’s’ most prestigious designers
which was an absolute honour. 



On the business front, in 2015, I was assigned the role of social
media manager for rokk ebony which has developed my knowledge of salon
marketing in the digital field.  It
involves a lot of team leadership to procure images and content from the six
rokk ebony salons as well as studying the analytics to gauge effective


I have come a long way in a short time but there is still so much
more to explore and create. I truly believe I am blessed as I know I can
achieve and do all I want in this industry due to the nurturing and support I
receive every day from the team at rokk ebony.