Having most in my life that I


your house caught on fire is a very scary thing to think about,but if it were
to happen to me I would pick these items that I would try to save.I can not
leave out my family.Therefore they are the first on my list on items to save.My
second choice would be my laptop because I use it to do practically everything
I can on there.And as form my third choice which was very hard to think of,unfortunately
would be nothing because practivally everything else to me is something that is
easily replaceable and also materialistic items that we do not need in life to
be okey with.

            My first
choice wasn’t hard at all to come up with.It will always be there inside the
back of my mind whenever I think of things that I value the most in my life
that I could not do without.Even though it is said to pick out an item that I
would save if my house caught on fire,the first thing that popped in my head
that I would save would be my family and to get them out of harm’s way.Most of
the things in a household does have meaning;for example pictures of my great-grandfather
when he was just a young boy,pictures of the family as they grew up,and even
pictures of my kids as well.A lot of other things in the house I think are too
materialistic to even want to try and save.Household items are easily
replaceable and things are just as easy to buy again,but family is something
that you can never replaced just by going back to the store and getting a new
one. So you see it isn’t hard for me to think of what would be
the first thing that I would save if my house caught on fire.

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second choice wasn’t hard for me either.Everyone that knows me well enough will
tell you for a fact that I absolutely cannot go without my laptop. I’m usually never seen without it pathetic as it may seem, but I cannot do
without it most of the time. The last thing I’m
doing at night before I go to bed is being on my laptop. Sometimes I think I have
no life, but that’s not the case because I do go out and hang out with my
friends.I just choose to be on the computer whenever I get the chance.That is
the second item of choice that I would choose to save if my house caught on
fire.I do practically everything and anything on it that sometimes it isn’t
even funny how much time I use when I’m not busy.When I was child I used to buy
tons and tons of books from the store to read,but now I just read online.I
barely watch television anymore only because with the internet we can also
watch shows right from the computer.I even do my homework on my laptop too.
Very high-tech then it was back in the day when I used to do my homework with a
pencil,pen and paper.I do a lot of convenient things on my laptop so it does
make it kind of like a life source for me.


            My third
choice gave me a bit of a struggle to think about because the first two choices
that I made are the only things that I find valuable enough that I couldn’t
live without and had to save if my house caught on fire.When I think of all the
other items I have around the house I can agree with myself that I can do
without it because those items are easily replaceable.Remember hearing about a
distant relative of mine in the mainland actually have this happen made me
think on a lot of things.Life is valuable,human and animals alike,so those are
the things that should be saved first and foremost.Money would defiantly be
tight if an incident were to happen like this but the materialistic things in
the house can be easily replaced after awhile.Beds will be bought again,
couches and chairs will be brand new;and of course there will always be a new
home to live in once this tragedy is over.So to get off from being
sidetracked,my personal thought is that anything else in the house after saving
my first two choices aren’t worth trying to save.

conclusion these are my thoughts on what three items I would choice if my house
caught on fire.Family will always come first to me before my laptop.After
that,things left over in the house I could do without or even just replace it