Hazards in a Science Lab Essay

Level 3 A hazard is a symbol that tells when something is dangerous. There could be a symbol when you are in a science lab an example of this is a hazard symbol stating that there is acids in the laboratory . There are lots of different symbols used to warn people about lots Of different things. If there is a hazard symbol telling you not to do it then don’t because it is very likely that you will get hurt especially if acid goes into your skin. Level 3 (continued) There are even symbols when you are going to school.

It is there so it tells you to be careful because if you do not then you are going to get seriously hurt. Did you know that there are 19 different hazard symbols in the United kingdom. Level 4 There are many different types of hazards when it comes to working at a science lab such as if you’re using acid for an experiment. Another example of a hazard in the lab is using corrosive acids that can go right through your hand and even a table! Ouch! Level 5 The irritant symbol means that if you put it n your skin and any.

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Inhere else then it will be painful and if it goes on your skin then part of your skin will be gone. The corrosive symbol warns you that if you slip and you have a corrosive in your hand then the acid can go through your skin. OUCH! The flammable symbol means something that catches fire rather easily, like petrol and diesel. Level 5 continued When you are doing an experiment always wear goggles because if you don’t then you are likely that a chemical or something else ill go on your eyes .

Never sit down when you are doing an experiment because it is for your safety . Sways listen to your teacher when your doing an experiment. Level 6 Always stand up when you are doing an experiment. Always follow instructions when you’re told to do something. Always wear goggles when you’re doing an You should always be safe whilst carrying an Don’t drink and eat in a science lab. Always focus on what you are doing so you don’t ruin or do something which you wasn’t told to do.