Heading for 2080 Essay

Heading for 2080Future,a notion that has held incredible power and fascination over menkind since the very begining of its history.All people,ranging from fortune tellers or religious preachers or prophets to more academic individuals like scientists have ventured their imagination into this “unknown land” in the quest to predict what it has instored for us.The ones who were wrong have been lost along with their beliefs in the pages of history but the ones who where right are nowadays knows as visionarys and their ideas still live within us all,as they have greatly changed the way we live and think.So,how come some get it right in this respect and become visionarys and some get it wrong and thus become forgotten?Both types of people rely their ideas on some kind of guessing or assumptions right,so what’s the difference between them?Well ,the answer must be the present premises on which they derived their beliefs from ,some were just simple guesses,like the idea that the world was flat and some were backed up by some factual proof,as Galileo Galilei’s theory was.

Still,one could argue that this ideas that are known reckoned as visionary,were at the present point of their discovery just mere observations of the ‘status quo’ thus bringing the idea of relation between present and future,the first shaping the latter,and not the other way around. Now,if you were to take such an endeavour as to predict how things are gonna be in say 2080,67 years from now,what would your answer be?To be honest,I’m not quite sure what my answer would be,but I’d probably go around describing some science fiction changes with no real present back-up,so I’d probably just leave my imagination wander around resulting in just a couple of guesses.Yet,we’ve taken some interviews of some people to whom’s current activity might prove to be more than just a guess. Black gold turning green? The first person we interviewed was Andrei Y,a former student of the University of Exeter,currently undertaking research into the subject of green energy.’Laudaciul’ strongly believes that the current fossil fuels energy system doesnt belong to the future,as this kind of resources are rapidly depleting and harmfull to the environment we live in at the same time. Moreover,he also thinks that this kind of alternative energy system would be much more profitable,as it is based on virtually never ending resources(wind,solar energy) leaving only the start-up and maintenance coststo take into account.

In addition there is this undertaking of the world’s governments to shift from fossil fuels energy to green energy.Taking all this reasons into consideration,laudaciul predicts that by the year of 2080 the idea of fossil fuels as main resource for energy will be completely extinct and wiewed as ‘barbarian’Time means money..information is power..money is power? The second person we asked to predict how the future in 2080 will look like is Andrei X,a former student of the University of Birmingham,now a lawyer for one of the worlds largest international corporations.

He predicts that by the year of 2080 government by form of state shall be generally extinct,not necessarily in theory,but deffinetly in practice. He observes that nowadays consumption philosophy has much benefited private business,corporations thriving and expanding to such an extent that they have reached the level of a state within other states,they have their own rules and governing bodies,incredible financial power and assets,many times comparable to the ones of states or even more.Moreover,due to the globalization phenomenon they seem to have a much greater popularity and are very widely spread throughout the world;this,combined with the trend of privatizing all business,seems to assure economic domination for the private sector.So,since corporations get pretty much all slices of the pie,what if they decide to take it all?Corporate business vs family business-David vs Goliath? Marius ,former student of Universitatea Politehnica(or whatever its name is,I’m not sure) is a respected local business man in the Romanian capital city of Bucharest.Even though he has a thriving business,Don Dima acknowledges that due to globalization his local business may have little chance of survival in front of giants like international corporations.He doesn’t want to sell his business for only a part of its value yet he can’t accept a open economic war with such a giant with which he doesn’t have the means to fight.So,he choses to direct his business into the pattern of “The God Father “way,switching from financial power to making business “offers to people they wont be able to reject”. Thus, Marius pictures himself and his company by the year of 2080 succesfully fighting globalization and takeoverof small,local businesses by international giants.

Whether this is a scenario taken from whodunit or a coherent way of assuring a future for local business only time will tell…Cancer can be cured,what about aging?Lucretiu Gabriel together with his assistant Alex,both former students of the medicine university of Bucharest,currently researchers into the healing powers of stem cells have rather bold claims,if not a little science fiction.Their research lead to the discovery that stem cells can be used to replace any cellular material that has been destroyed ,damaged or doesn’t function properly;for instance in the case of serious burns,the tissue of the skin can be replaced by one made of stem cells that take its function.By this token of logics,it has been alleged that tissue that contains cancer can be removed and replaced by a new one made by stem cells,thus curing this incredibly hard desease.

To sound even more science fiction,Doctor Lucretiu and his assistant Alex make the assumption that in theory,this possibility of replacing tissue,could also work if performed several times so as to slow down If not completely stop aging..Its just a theoretical possibility right now,but by 2080 the research of those two is believed to be able to bring medicine to the level of being able to deny nature and its laws themselves,by stopping people from aging.In conclusion,the assumptions and claims before mentioned seem to be rather outrageous and of the science fiction domain but then again so did all great visionary ideas when they first appeared;so the question that remains is,will these ideas survive the test of time and become reality in the future or will they fail and be forgotten?I guess we will just have to wait and see…