Heads or Tails No Country for Old Man Essay

Here comes our Judge the Destiny-?the real banker of the “Heads or Tails” game.

The irony is that there’s no saying for gamblers because no human beings can be spared from the judgment and the “bet” as long as they live while Judgment the Destiny has his finger on the trigger. The above analysis of Destiny accords with the title of the movie. “No Country for Old Man” is indeed a definite, negative, pessimistic and fatalistic judgment.

But from another perspective, will there be an alternative interpretation of he theme that there will be an ideal country for ‘Young Man” who are brave and upright enough to fight for it?There comes the statement. The process of growing old from young can be simply compared to that of the continuous somersault of ceaseless struggling in contradictions before life has dropped onto ground of Destiny-?death of life or death of soul. Three types of characters in the movie are to be mentioned to illustrate. Any moments of hesitation is the alternate image of Heads or Tails in head. Leanly Moss lies in bed, with eyes staring on the ceiling wide open for quite a while, and finally plots out “alright” to himself. This moment is when the coin drops onto the ground.Darkness shrouds the scene while a gleam of light pierces through the window-shades, which symbolizes there?s always goodness and hope in humanity and society under the coverage of evil and desperation. Lucky as he feels that he stumbles across a big fortune, he feels guilty of abandoning his last conscience of leaving a drug dealer dying from thirst.

When his wife asks what he is going to do , he says “I’m going to do something dumb in hell. But I’m going anyway. He knows that he’s destined to death, but not death of soul.Young people would rather sell his life to God instead of selling his soul to Demon.

Anton Chirurgic is, in fact, Judge the Destiny. But thorough the movie, he never surrenders to the super killer Anton Chirurgic who claims people’s life without reason, without hesitation, not even without a blink of an eye. At last Leanly dies with not a hint of fear but love for his wife and courage to face the destiny of life, but not soul. So does his wife, Carla Jean Moss. The force to fight back the Destiny intensifies when it finally comes to Carpal’s death.Facing the cold-blooded killer sitting in her chair, she says determinedly ” I wont call it. There’s no saying. It’s just you.

” As a woman, she is as brave as his husband faced with death and she refuses to call the coin whose result might spare her a life. She erects her soul with all the love from his husband and all her braveness as a young woman at the last moment of her breath. The lust for drug and money seem to be the root cause of the conflicts and slaughter. But it isn’t. The brave couple is a paradigm of defying the olds fear news.

Samuel Llama’s famous poem Youth might best conclude my point-?You are as young shortfalls, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair. Dating back to the first appearance of the dramatic “Heads or Tails” game, it is related to an old man that is not worth mentioning. When Anton passes by a gasoline station, he and the shopkeeper play the first toss game.

At first the shopkeeper is keeping his head down writing when Anton is to pay for his bill. The old man is so bored that he makes a few speculation that irritates Anton.When Anton says “what business is of yours where am from”, the shopkeeper looks up with dread shivering in his eyes, and answers ” I don’t mean anything, just passing of time”. It is not to blame to be old, tired and passionless but it seems that the most meaningful part for the old people is to live and enjoy time passing.

The tenacity of their soul is being wore to hollow by the evil, dangerous, rotten world caused by various ingrained social pathologies. There seems to be an equation between the aging life and dimming soul. The cruelty is that old people are aware of it while can’t help UT accept it.That’s also true of Sheriff Bell, the most significant old man in the movie, linking the beginning to the end.

At one scene close to the end of the movie, he talks with a man in his wheelchair. He says: “l feel overmatches (produce a forced smile). Always figure when I’m older, God might sort of come into my life somehow. He didn’t.

I don’t blame him. ” Here God might refer to the promised reality of a better life that somebody strives for all his life; it might refer to the serenity and content of life; it might refer to what I would call “soul”.Old people must have been the kind of young people like Leanly. It is so painful for old people to watch their soul bowing to Judge the Destiny. Theres another ironic destiny here-?all people will end up getting old except those who die in their early ages.

All in all, “Heads or Tails” does not determine an old man’s life because old people are not only on the verge of losing their life but also their soul. When people get old and the society is too sick to get well within their life span, they may just rest in their pure days as a young man or child. Lastly, jump to the killer Anton.After he gets a shot by Leanly in his leg, he sets fire to a car to distract the attraction of a drugstore and steals necessary medicine to cure the wound in his thigh. The director devotes a lot of scenes to depict the details, such as the sophisticated method of denoting a car, the accuracy of the injection of a needle, the noise of the n. ” telling people how to lose weight and so on. It all seems irrelevant. But only one scene connects all the irrelevant details and reflects his emotion which is difficult to discern.

He lays the whole of his body in a bathtub filled tit water and looks up at an angle of about 45 degrees.He is gasping for breath. It staggers me because the physical pain he suffers at least convinces me that he’s not a killing machine but a pathetic man who is getting old alone with his evil soul.

Matron’s mouth is a little open and then suddenly it shuts and a flash of anger skims over his face. As is mentioned, Anton is the banker of the “Heads or Tails” gambling, or rather, Judge the Destiny. He is nearly emotionless, painless and unbeatable.. But the details imply that destiny is worth revolting against and is able to shake with either vain or effective efforts.Besides, Destiny benefits nothing from the game of chance.

He don’t have to struggle and hesitate because neither the death of life or the death of soul mean anything to him, which mostly are discussed in personal respect. But Anton is just one of the productions and incarnation of social pathologies. A person’s life is like a “Heads or Tails” game, one side stands for the young men’s courage to sacrifice life for soul while the other side stands for old men’s confusion to sacrifice soul for life. However, as life exposes to the society, individual choices and even existence will eventually be engulfed by society.