Health and safety Essay

The purpose of a risk assessment is to review the potential harm that could be caused and evaluate the likelihood of harm occurring.

Hazard, task or activity with potential to cause harm Type Of injury that could occur People effected Potential severity of harm childhood of causing harm Risk rating The level of risk low, medium or high Current control measures in place Further control measure required Play park equipment Slips and falls, cuts and bruises, broken limbs and other physical injuries The service user and other children, parents, careers in the park. Inspections and regular checks Any defects removed and repaired Report any hazardous equipment Supervision at all times Climbing frame Slips and falls, Cuts and bruises, broken limbs and other physical injuries The arrive user and other children using the climbing frame. 2 2 Soft, absorbing ground surface Maximum number of people specified Ensure equipment appropriate for age group Clear rules State not to be used when slippery and wet.Uneven surfaces Trips, falls, cuts and bruises, broken limbs and other physical injuries or The service user, children in the play park, parents and careers in the park. 2 Inspections and regular maintenance checks Assess the route to ensure it is free from uneven surfaces Point out where uneven surfaces are for the service user Crossing roadsTrip/fall, get hit by a vehicle, cuts and bruises / broken limbs The service user and the care worker 2/3 Zebra crossings Traffic Lights High visa jackets Assess route to ensure there are pedestrian crossings Road safety training Trail run Unsupervised contact with other people from the public Abduction, assault, discrimination, Emotional distress The service user Secure fencing Gates closed/secure.

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