Health Care Marketing Analysis Essay

The description of the product, price, place, and promotion will help provide the prenatal clinic with a marketing strategy that will result in its success. It is important to comprehend the importance of the four Ps. The examination of the relationship between the prenatal clinics’ marketing and partnerships can provide a better understanding of its value for the organization. It is vital to determine a target market, demographics, data, and psychographics of the location of the prenatal clinic. The prenatal clinics’ success will depend on the understanding and the knowledge of the target market, so a strategic market plan must exist.

Product The Prenatal Clinic in Bryan, Texas, provides prenatal care to Medicaid patients. Prenatal services include breast feeding, free pregnancy tests, preparation for child birth, parenting, and infant CPR. These services help pregnant women increase the chances of a safe pregnancy and help prepare women for motherhood (The Prenatal Clinic, 2007). The services include regular examinations, monitoring the baby’s heartbeat, checking baby’s growth, counseling, checking position of baby, preparing the new mother for labor, and caring for a new born.

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Prenatal care is vital to provide the best care for the mother and her unborn child. The Prenatal Clinic also provides the woman who is pregnant with support and information in regard to disease diagnosis or warning signs that may occur in a troublesome pregnancy or delivery of the baby (Department of Health, 2012). Price The approximate price of prenatal care can reach about $2000 throughout a normal pregnancy. If any complications arise, the total amount could increase according to the particular circumstance. These estimates are normal rates for the majority of prenatal care organizations.

Establishing a price for The Prenatal Clinic is important for patients and for the clinic’s revenue stance. Normal prenatal care visits are about $100 to $200, and this includes the ultrasounds, blood tests, and urinalysis. A pregnant woman usually has some form of health insurance and the insurance usually pays for these health care visits. At The Prenatal Clinic, the majority of patients receive Medicaid, and this sort of insurance pays for prenatal services. Other health insurance can include co-pays and other visits can range from $200 to thousands of dollars.

This could add up to be more if there are complications and the administration of more tests and ultrasounds are an inclusion. There are organizations that do provide help to pregnant women who have no insurance like The American Pregnancy Association (costhelper, 2012). Place The Prenatal Clinic’s location is in Bryan, Texas, next to a bus terminal. Surrounding agencies include a dental clinic, health clinic, community outreach, and other community service agencies. The clinic is close to residential neighborhoods and is easily recognizable from the street.

Women give births to babies every day. The second highest birth rate involves Texas. A good strategy to help the location of the clinic could include analyzing the population in a specific area, including age groups, the amount of female population, the amount of female using contraception, and the amount of female not using contraception (Texas Legislative Study Group, 2011). Promotion The promotion of The Prenatal Clinic needs to consider advertising, personal selling, and publicity. These concepts are important if the prenatal clinic wants to receive patient.

Advertising on the Internet and through the mail are excellent ways to convey the services of The Prenatal Clinic. Creating brochures and mailing them to residents can help boost customers. Running ads in the city’s newspaper is another good advertising technique. Running ads with Google is sufficient as well. Contacting physicians and asking for patient referrals will also help the amount of customers. When the marketer is considering a promotional stance for a service or product, it is essential for the marketer to understand the consumers’ wants and needs.

Educating the market about the prenatal clinic and making the community aware of its prestige existence will be the objective (Berkowitz, 2006). Importance of the Four Ps Using a marketing strategy is important using the four Ps because it allows an organization to provide a product, establish a set price, and determine a location and types of services, insurance, and promotional strategies. The four Ps help connect the producers and consumers together for a common benefit. The marketing mix allows organizations large-scale marketing and enhances an organization’s chances of success (Akrani, 2010).

A profitable business operation involves properly manageable marketing elements (Constantinides, 2006). According to Moller (2006), “The 4 Ps marketing mix framework has been extremely influential informing the development of both marketing theory and practice,” (p. 1). Marketing and Partnerships The relationship between The Prenatal Clinics’ marketing and its partnership involves a strategic role from participating parties. The prenatal clinic’s partnerships will include public health organizations, Health Department, Department of Health and Human Services, Plant Parenthood, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and other health clinics.

Marketing for the prenatal clinic will involve these partnerships because these organizations will help aid in the clinic’s marketing strategies. These organizations and partnerships are valuable to the prenatal clinic because of referrals, aiding in personal selling, and these organizations help bring in revenue for the clinic. Some organizations are readily available to help prenatal clinics establish popularity, whereas other organizations are not so easily cooperative (National Health Foundation, 2005). Target Market The demographics for The Prenatal Clinic are women and teens.

The age group is between 16 and 45. The psychographics include women and teen behavior, motivation, understand how to communicate with patients, and understand the consumer better. The needs of patients are to receive prenatal care at a decent cost, receive education, and learn how to care for a new born. Although the determination of demographics is absolute; perceptions about benefits and motivation are for people are different. The Prenatal Clinic’s location is in Bryan, Texas, by surrounding community servicing agencies (Obringer, 2012).

According to the Claritas website, Bryan, Texas, has a population of about 23,600, median age is about 33, and consumer spend is about $480 MM (Nielson, n. d. ). The Prizm in neighborhood demographics display the majority as single-working class and living in affordable housing. Some of the population is middle-age and without children, whereas, many of the population consists of older and younger married people, and without children (Nielson, n. d. ). The Psycle displays in demographic traits renters with some college, family mix, and low income.

Understanding the target market is vital to a marketing plan because one has to reach out to the community and provide him or her with a want or need that is appealing. Knowing the target market allows an organization better marketing strategies, enhance advertising ads to specifics, and enhance relationships with consumer (Nielson, n. d. ). Conclusion When a business wants to market a product or service, a marketing plan has to be visible for the producers. The best strategy is to use the four Ps to enhance a successful marketing plan.

Concerning any business, especially The Prenatal Clinic, the four Ps has importance for development and manageability. Partnerships allow organizations to strive and grow in marketing products and services. Partnerships aid in advertising for the organization and refer patients to the organization for services. It is evident the need to understand consumer behaviors, lifestyles, needs, wants, income status, education, and family orientation. Understanding the target market is an essential strategic priority for an organization to have a successful, profitable outcome.


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