Healthier Way of Life Essay

Well first off I cant believe that we are almost at the end of the road for this class, it was very enlightning and I truly enjoyed everything I learned. It was very motivational for me and at the very end I was able to get on track and will continue to do so in my days, months and weeks to come. The websites were very helpful as well as my new knowledge of labels on things I eat, how much it I should intake daily as well as how many calories I am to eat daily. It was great to learn so much about heart rates and the importance of not only a balance diet but exercise as well.

During these weeks I have increased my exercise and began to work out four times a week which is great when I was not working out much at all and when I did it was sparatic and for no longer than about 25minutes or so. Stress for me played a huge part in me not being able to fully focus the way I wanted and taking full advantage of all the tools that were presented to me. I am now refocused and ready to move forward and continue on with my journey and reach my final goal of 163 pounds. This will be a slow steady process through lifestyle change as well as exercise.

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I learned that the simplest things can be onsidered exercise and doing something is better than doing nothing. When breaking down diet and exercise I realized that they are required for evaluating lifestyle checks towards a healthier future. One apart from the other may be able to do the job but may not provide all the answers to my health concerns. Diet alone may prove to be a good answer to preventing further weight gain that may lead to obesity. Eating a good diet may also be able to help me choose healthy options to eat that will further repay me and my daughter in terms of a healthier life in the future.

By eating well, I will be likely to avoid foods that can cause a variety of diseases. Exercise is key in heart health and fitness. With the proper exercise, I will be more able to strengthen my body and set a good example for my daughter by showing her that this should be a weekly regimen. The proper exercise helps in building up muscles and improves how my body functions as well as help make it more able to fight off certain diseases by strengthening the way my body fights off germs.

The facts on calories is really interesting and I learned that Whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain your current ize, it all comes down to calorie and simple math. Calories in must equal calories out to keep my weight steady, and to lose a few pounds, I must burn more calories than I eat. It is very easy to learn how many calories is in what we are eating. Foods now have labels on them and most restaurants place their calories per serving on a brochure or on their website. Calorie levels for other standalone foods maybe taken from the internet as well including fruits, vegetables, or whole grains. It is important to read food labels and use it to modify how much I eat. People should always look for the Amount per serving in he label and take note of the calories.

Portion control is also something that I learned during this course. It is important to know the portions in which I eat in order to calculate the exact amount of calories I take in for each food. I will have to know how to get one serving for the different food items that I include in my daily diet. Some foods will require measuring cups to identify the serving sizesuch as cereal, pasta and some fluids. Some things are measured in tablespoons like jams, syrup, and honey. One thing that I have found to help me over these weeks was taking note of all the foods I eat and their corresponding alories on my computer and notebook when Im out and about to help keep me on track. Once I have these recorded, it makes it easier to plan and calculate how much I have eaten or will eat for the day. I have also taken note of areas for which I need improvement or list foods that I will omit to maintain calories and thus lose weight. One reason that I began my weightloss journey over these years was due to elevated blood pressure and knowing that being considered moridly obese would eventually lead to a premature death for me. I owe it to myself and my child to change the way I live and develop a new and healthier me.

I will now focus more on sodium and sugars that I intake which can lead to weight gain and disease for me in the future if I don’t eat right. There are lots of pre-packaged meals in our local grocers freezer but they like all other frozen foods are loaded with sodium. The salt is needed to preserve these foods and keep them fresh until the experation date arrives. The sodium requirement is about 1500 milligrams per day which is less than one teaspoon of table salt. The maximum intake should be no more than 2300 milligrams per day. To much sodium will more than likely lead to high blood pressure which can cause a stroke and take your life.

So now I purchase foods that are low sodium such as bacon, turkey and cheese. I have also decided over these past weeks to eat more turkey, chicken and fish instead of red meats which tend to weigh the body down and take a longer amount of time for the stomach to digest. I have tried cooking meals that I would usually use ground beef in with ground turkey instead and it taste great. Just over these few weeks I can tell the difference when I tried to eat something from a fast food restaurant how salty the food was compared to a home cooked meal. It’s really interesting and

I plan to continue on moving forward in my battle with the buldge. I have lost 8lbs in the last two weeks and am focused and ready to reach my goal and continue to make healthier eating and exercise a lifestyle for me and my daughter. While I did not reach my total goal this semester I have made some very important changes and refocused on me. I will not look at being unemployed as a disadvantage but an advantage because it gives me more time with my daughter and time to focus on me as a whole. In the end, I will be healthier, with a low disease risk as well as in a better condition to face a brighter future.