Heliconia elaborated a lomg flower tubes loaded with

 Heliconia rostrata or
simply hanging lobster claw is a tropical plant that is closely kinded to
bananas and is mostly found in tropical countries. It is called hanging lobster
claw because of it’s connected lobster claw look like flower.Heliconia rostrata
comes from the kingdom of Plantae.This specie has three kinds of clade;the
Angiosperm,Monocots and Commenilids.Heliconiaceae is it’s specie’s
family.Heliconia rostrata is the host flower to many birds,most especially to
the Trochilidae,famously known as humming birds.This specie is usually used as
the specimen for the tropical gradens because of it’s unique characteristic.It
is commonly verdant for flower arrangements and humming birds
pollination.Commonly,the sizes of the bill of the pollinating humming birds.The
stem is either raised or hanged and the flower array(inflorescence) is
constantly at the cease elongated ,leafysprout.It’s common place is around the
river bank or woodland clearings.It is sole in humming birds on the tropics for
their brilliant red,yellow, and orange colors which magnetized humming birds.

Likewise,as an annex of the colors,it elaborated a lomg
flower tubes loaded with nectar content.Many insects also feed in it.Other
animals and bacteria like maggots,bacteria and protons made refuge in the pool
Heliconiabrauts,and as also little frogs do.It furnishes niche for some
diskwing bats and may other species of tent-making bats.

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Periplaneta americana comes from the kingdom of Animalia. Arthropoda
is the Periplaneta americana’s Phylum. Also,it came form the class of Insecta.
Periplaneta americana is a Blattodea. Blattodea or Periplaneta americana comes
from the family of Blatidae. Periplaneta americana is also known as a Waterbug.
But it is not a true waterbug because Periplaneta americana is a non aquatic or
misidentified as palmetto bug. Periplaneta is the wide-reaching specie of a
well known cockroach and it is constantly considered as a pest.

 Many people are
alarmed of Periplaneta americana although it is not an enormous insect as other
scary looking insects or creatures.Some peoplesay that they are frightened of
Periplaneta Americana because of it’s awful look.They say that it is more
scarier when it’s flying because they don’t know where will it possibly
land.Periplaneta americana usually found in dark and dirty places.It has to
endure a lot of adaptations throughout yhe years that passed for them to be
capable to survive the significant wipe-offs which many kind experience.

It has a standard size about 0.28 inch tall.It also has a red
mied with brown color as well as a yellow like color edge in the pronotum(the
region of their body at the back of their head). The Periplaneta americana that
is young ressembles grown ups aside from the factuality that they are wingless.
The specie has a couple of big amalgameted eyes and each of it is having above
200 individualized lenses. It is a very attractive night insect that shuns
light. The Periplaneta americana is divided into three sections. This specie
also have a chewing mouth parts,long,segmented antennae,and leathery fore wings
with a delicate hind wings. The third and the last section of this kind of
specie is the stomach. Periplaneta
americana has many other species. This includes Periplaneta boriginea,Periplaneta
australasiae this also includes Periplaneta brunnea,Periplaneta fuliginosa and
lastly Periplaneta japonica.

rostrata is a plant that is usually found in a tropical countries. It is
famously known as the Hanging Lobster Claw. It is called Hanging Lobster Claw
because of it’s connected lobster claw looking flower. Heliconia rostrata comes
from the kingdom of Plantae. This specie has 3 kinds of Clade. And it is the
Angiosperms,Monocots,and Commelinids. Heliconiaceae is this specie’s family.


rostrata is the host flower to many birds most especially to the Trochilidae
also known as the humming birds. This specie is often  used as the specimen for tropical gardens. It
is because of their unique characteristic.