Hello (Example of Short Story) Essay

Hello There I was driving, driving down that highway that felt like an endless funnel. My stomach churned, my lips quivered. Was supposed to meet this man I had recently talked to. Was scared. Would he like me? Would he even talk to me when actually met him? With these thoughts circling my head like vultures ready for my insecurities and fears to overcome me, I arrived at the parking garage. Quickly parked shaking every nervous nerve in my body and opened the car. Turning the corner on that April evening, saw him.

He was ore beautiful than I could have ever fathomed. He was the epitome Of perfection. Then, he spoke, “Hello. ” And my heart ceased. He was talking to me. Someone who looked like that was talking to me like what? How was that possible? Smiled, and we made our way to the plaza deep in conversation. The best conversation I had ever had. We saw a Goleta shop, and we quickly ordered. Got the cookie and cream while he got the lemon flavor. He said it reminded him of his childhood.

Sitting in the middle of the plaza people rushing about their life, could not help but feel time rezone. His beauty was far more reaching than I could have imagined for it was his soul that poured out like stream that gives life to the world. His bright, brown eyes burning like a star. The magnetism from it was immense, and fought against what I was already knew what I was feeling. As our time began to dwindle, he asked if I would go dance with him. Got nervous. If you do not know me, I have no dance, no movement.

But without hesitation, I said yes. And with that, our adventure began. We danced the entire night becoming he center of the club where all eyes were on us. We did not even know until later on that everyone had made a circle around us watching a new light entering the world. Meeting you was hard, but falling in love with you was the easiest thing in the world. I did not tell him that night or the night after or the one after that. Let alone the months following, but you had me at hello.