Hello, run but many others would tell

Hello, everyone. I am
here, today, to speak to all future high school graduates in this very
room that are planning to whether or not attend college. As many of you may
question the education system we have today, and that leads many of you
 to think whether education is worth it. Who would blame you? With today’s
job market and the cost to attend college are probably the reasons you guys
thinking college is not worth the investment. Well, it is your best option to
attend college too. It is not how it used to be either, where you were able to
get fair decent job and be able to maintain a family with only a high school
diploma. Nowadays, many jobs today require their candidates to have at least
some post secondary education after high school. College benefits you in many

A lot people in our
society view higher education as an investment that will payoff in the long run
but many others would tell you that you are just wasting time and money. I have
heard of people getting rich of videos on YouTube, or making money within their
homes with just a phone and internet. Some people have been fortunate to born
with a family with money. In other cases, people create their own businesses
like Evan Williams, and Mark Zuckerberg. They both created their own app that
are well known as of today, facebook and twitter, and have become successful
off their ideas. Evan and Mark both dropped out from college within their first
year.  They did not graduate or receive anything.Unfortunately,
 that’s not the case for the other millions of people that live in the
United States. People, like myself, come from low income families that do not
have the money to be inherited or have the billion dollar idea. That is why
higher education is worth it. It is another way for people to become more
successful. More successful than their parents. More successful than those who
thought college was a waste of time. It provides a chance for people to be rich
or be happy with their career they plan to study. A college degree means you
will be better than

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amount you gain upon graduation from college is why those four or more years
are worth the time and investment. An article written by Danielle
Kurtzleben in the website usnews.com  show the public a comparison of
statistics of an average college graduate and a high school graduate. The
college graduates just receiving four more years of studying will make more
than their less educated peers. They intend to make more than $17,500 with just
a Bachelor’s. Of course, the more your degree is worth the more income you will
receive upon your start of your career. This illustrates, with the statistics
Danielle shows us, that more people are need to go to college to receive a
degree because it  will get them a job that will increase their income.
This will affect the way you guys want to live in the future. That is why the
college is worth so much because you will be making more. Nowadays, people’s
wealth with just a high school degree earn less than they did before. They used
to make $12,000, but now they make only one third of that amount. The career
you choose will benefit you in a long run and you will not  have to keep
looking for a new job every time.

College graduates are
more likely to be employed than their less educated peers.This can help those
looking for job after they graduate college. It gives the employer you are
applying for  another reason you are the one to hire for the job. A
college degree shows that you have skills and mindset to complete the tasks
that were needed to do. Depending on the degree, the job might have been set up
for you to do job requirements you have to do. A college degree opens up many
job opportunities within your field and outside of your field. According to
research website marist.edu, show us that once an college graduate gets their
first job, they are prime candidates for getting a promotion, so they are more
likely to increase their income. Having a Bachelor’s degree will also secure
your job position. You have to be determined as well. It is also putting in the
work for after and during college. Simply the students who stop trying dropout
of college.  

The final point I
would like to consider are the college loans everyone is worried about. The
amount of cash you guys will earn will significantly allow you to pay the
college debt you owe. Your career job would benefit you in a long run due to
the amount you will gain afterward upon graduation. However, you do have to go
into debt either. You are able

School Seniors about to graduate

Claim: Go to college.

Objections: debt, questionable job market, time and
hard work


Introduction—anticipate what is in your essay:


Anecdote, striking data (appeal to them!)  What do they want?


These benefits generally go to college graduates.


Some may say this, others may say that, still others
may say the other thing (Objections), Claim and reasons.


Body Paragraphs: 
Point by point take each objection and refute with your own
information.  Support with research.


Conclusion—restate your claim and tell them what to
do.  Take action.